Those are my kids ahhhhhh!

Say what you want I don’t care how people feel about politics getting to meet the president or the first lady is the experience of a lifetime at least for my family.

Recently Blue Star Families gave my family the chance to meet the “First Lady” when she made her stop here in NC this past Friday. Although I had prior commitments I was proud that my children and husband were allowed to attend and have this most likely once in a lifetime opportunity.

Below is the clip of my kids meeting and talking to First Lady Michelle Obama. They said she is super tall and very nice. She asked them about their grades, if they were nervous about meeting her and about some of their interests and spoke with my husband about his service.

Check out this awesome video of my kiddos meeting her below.



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7 Comments on My Family Met The First Lady Michelle Obama

  1. It is a beautiful moment, and is a well-deserved show of respect for your family’s sacrifices for our country. No matter your politics, it is encouraging to see someone in a position of political power behaving well!

  2. That’s awesome! You’re right about it being a great experience regardless of politics. I didn’t vote for Obama but I’d still be thrilled to meet him and his family any day. Thanks for sharing! Congratulations!

  3. Politics aside, I’d be giddy too!
    Yay for them, what a wonderful memory they’ll have for the rest of their lives.

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