The Milspouse Friday Fill In is a fun way to connect with other military spouse bloggers. It was created by Wife of A Sailor and I look forward to participating weekly in it. Just for fun I did my Friday Fill in via a Cinchcast (by voice). Click below to listen…



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3 Comments on MilSpouse Friday Fill In…Learn Cool Facts About Army Wife 101

  1. ive been a military wife for over 2 years im stationed at fort sll ok and i have any friends yet if your here will you let me knnow because im home alone now because the kids are in school now and im bored thank you and god bless you guys

  2. i have a question before i meet my husband i had 3 kids and i got my tubs done and now we want to have a baby does the military pay for it or do we have to pay for it to get a tubal reverse please let me know we want to get it started ASAP thank you so much

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