After hearing the song “Santa Baby” a few times this holiday season, I started wondering: if we milspouses could get anything we wanted, what would we ask for? Sure, cash and a ring would be nice, but what extravagant fantasy item would truly be a game changer for our everyday life?

Let’s dream big for a moment, shall we?

Duty station of choice. Imagine selecting your next duty station. Perhaps you want to stay where you are, move closer to home, or have an adventure in Hawaii or Germany? Yes, please! 

Get-out-of-deployment card. Just once, oh once, if your spouse had a free pass to skip being away throughout the next year, wouldn’t you love to have a little control of the situation? 

Big life event? No problem, your spouse will be there. No need to miss birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, births or funerals — your spouse will be home with you because it’s important and the military understands that. 

Childcare at the Commissary and Exchange. Imagine shopping quietly and peacefully while your little angels are with certified care givers at the indoor play area while you browse the aisles. Glorious.

Reliable babysitters at each new duty station. No need to stay in all the time — go on a date! These babysitters are perfect, CPR certified, come with excellent recommendations and just love your children.

A friend matching service.  One of the most challenging aspects of military life is having to meet new friends at each duty station. If there was an easy, standardized service that hooked you up with your perfect matches, you’d never have to endure an awkward playdate or girls’ night again! Hello, bestie!

Free airline tickets home once a year. If the distance or expense back home is too great, don’t worry, the military has you covered. They will fly you and your entire family (Fido too), home once a year to stay connected with family and friends. 

Personal trainer. The military understands that moving and deployments can take a toll on your health, fitness, and well-being, so they send a trainer to you! No more making time to get to the gym, they’ll train you once a week in the location of your choice — perhaps even in the privacy of your own home?

Free rental car. You’ve shipped your car or you’re waiting for yours to arrive, and you’re feeling absolutely stuck. How about a free car to help ease your transition while you’re stuck in the middle with no wheels? 

Teleportation. So okay, I said we were dreaming big, and this one is huge. For those nights you are homesick, miss your parents, miss your spouse while deployed, and video or chats just don’t cut it, what if you could teleport for the day/night, and enjoy a hug, a kiss and a laugh? Beam me up…

Your loved ones. For those of us who can’t be with family or friends this holiday season, this is the ultimate wish. As playful as this list is, we know that there are spouses who don’t need anything extravagant under the tree, just the presence of the ones they love. And that, after all, is the meaning of the season. Happy holidays and believe in the magic!


A self-described “Jackie of All Trades,” Army wife Jackie Toops is a mother of two and enjoys writing, travel, art, languages, slow cooking and peaceful parenting. She studied Interdisciplinary Humanities, Museum Studies and Nonprofit Management, and has overseen public relations for museums, galleries and universities. She is a contributing author for Wall Street International Magazine and has discussed her articles on-air with AFN Wiesbaden. She’s usually seen adventuring with her Canon, a coffee and two small children. Follow her on Twitter.



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