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I admit I am addicted to Starbucks , and if I am not there I am at my local coffee drive in here near my home. Sure Starbucks is pretty good and sometimes (depending on whose making it) it downright sucks. I love convenience more then anything which is why I head there. I mean hell if they had a Starbucks credit card I would be in debt.

That being said for months I had been giving my husband the “I wish you would shutup” look when he would say “you need to start using that coffee machine and making your own coffee, thanks to my weekly coffee bill”. The truth is if I didn’t look at the coffee machine as a complicated piece of machinery I would have done that a long time ago. I honestly get confused at the different blends and buttons and grinds and nuts, O-M-G- the agony of it all!  Okay I am being dramatic but I don’t like complicatedness (well aware that is not a word).

Recently I received the opportunity to try Lock-N-Load Java a veteran owned coffee company who absolutely loves to support our military and does so by supporting over six different military charities at $1 per order shipped.  I received my box of coffee last week in which there were three types: Smooth Operator,  Double Tap-Special Reserve, and a pack of Armory Select Vanilla Nut .

Unfortunately I only got to try the Vanilla Nut two times before my husband grabbed it up along with the other packs and marched off to work with it for him and the soldiers there. I thoroughly enjoyed the Vanilla Nut. It was smooth, had a great vanilla taste and was extremely fresh. In addition, man oh man did it pack a powerful punch. Let’s just say I got alot of work done that day. I felt very awake and my husband said him and soldiers experienced the same thing. It definitely in our opinions took our midday sluggishness away! My husband told me the guys in the office said this is some of the best coffee they have had.  I liked that it wasn’t some complicated coffee with beans to grind and so forth. I was able to use this in my basic coffee drip machine. The good thing is that the coffee does come in drip and beans for those of you who have a preference. I assure you this is not your average Folgers…in my opinion this stuff is quality and 10x better!

One other thing we enjoyed was the coffee packing which looks like this:

[caption id="attachment_3263" align="aligncenter" width="500"] My hubby and the coffee!


One of the last things I will say is that don’t be fooled by the coffee’s strong aroma , it was strong but not overly powerful as I would have assumed. My husband and his soldiers honestly enjoyed it and I am glad they did since no one thought enough about me to save me any :)

Here are some simple tips on how to get the perfect pot of coffee from the cool folks at Lock -N-Load Java:

Coffee brewing tips:

1 – Water is critical.  If the water tastes bad, the coffee will too.  Most people agree filtered water (NOT distilled water) is the way to go.  Reverse Osmosis filtered water is what we use at Lock-n-Load Java, but many people get great results from a Brita or other water filter or just from good tasting tap water.
2 – Store your coffee correctly.  Heat, light, moisture, and oxygen are what degrade coffee once it is opened.  Do not store it in the refrigerator or freezer – that causes condensation every time it is removed.  Simply store it in a dark cupboard that is not next to a window or other heat source.  We offer bag clips to seal the bag after opening in order to preserve the freshness.  Some people also put their open bags of coffee in airtight containers.
3 – Fresh is the best.  We ship our beans immediately after roasting – as fresh as possible.  That is why we have a one way valve in our bags, to allow for off-gassing of the roasted beans as they cool.  We only offer small bags so you can use it up before the coffee goes stale and then open up an airtight one that has been kept fresh.  The longer coffee sits, the more flavor it loses.  Most bags in stores have sat in warehouses, on trucks, on shelves, etc for weeks if not months prior to you buying them.
4 – Sharing coffee with someone you care about – always makes it better!  Coffee is a social drink, invite someone to share a cup and you will both enjoy it more.

Giveaway (4 Winners)

(3) Readers will each win two bags of coffee (one Smooth Operator & One Vanilla Nut $20+ RTV)

(1) Winner with a spouse or significant other, family member deployed to Afghanistan will win one Coffee for Troops package of 5 bags of coffee sent directly to soldier overseas ($50+RTV).

How To Enter

Simply visit Lock N Load Java and tell me which flavor you or your soldier would probably like most and leave a comment below.

For an additional entry (after you have completed the one above)

Like Lock N Load Java On FB and tell them something you like about their site on their wall.

Tweet: “Win Coffee that supports the troops and their families @ArmyWives101

Be sure to leave a comment for each additional entry.

Winner will be chosen via

Giveaway Ends Monday November 21, 2011 at 11:59EST

18+ years of USA and APO only. Winner must respond within 48 hrs from time I send email or another winner will have to be chosen.

Leave a valid email so that I may contact you if you are the winner.

Disclosure: I was given 3 different coffee samples to try and a chance to give these same products away to chosen winners. All thoughts and opinions are mine .No other form of compensation was received for this post. You can read my full disclosure policy here




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