Q. My husband and I  are newly weds still. We got married 8 months ago. We were only dating a month before we got married and three days after getting married he was shipped out !

Now he wants a divorce because of lies he heard and I don’t want to divorce because I know I didn’t cheat but he just will not believe me ! Well my point of this is when we got married he refused to get me a military id ; I haven’t seen any benefits ; or insurance & I mean none of it matters to me but I feel as if I was being used … What do I do !? Please help…

A.  I am sorry about you situation. I can honestly say that it sounds like your husband wants out of this marriage and the fact that he never allowed you to receive a military ID or the fact that (from the info you provided) that you weren’t provided any financial assistance such as BAH, tells me that he used you to receive money and now wants to be free .

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  1. How selfish is that. Her husband sounds like he never had plans on having a relationship and just wanted the extra money but not the wife that came with it. Soldiers have done this all so often. It’s a selfish thing to do. Him saying your cheating is probably his way of saying he’s cheating. They should have discussed in more detail the situation about benefits prior to getting married. I’m so sad for her since those are 8 months of her life that she won’t get back. Well we live and learn and take it as a lesson learned.

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