I am flattered(humbly) that many of you enjoy my site. I am even more flattered when someone draws inspiration from Army Wife 101 to create a website or blog of their own. What I am not flattered about is when you try to be my twin.

Check the video out below to see what happened recently with a reader:




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7 Comments on Pretty Please Don't Copy Me…An Incident That Happened!

  1. I love your blog and I give you props b/c I know it’s a lot of work. I did some research on things and I decided it was more than what I felt like doing on my own blog. Maybe one day. LOL… Keep up the great work and I look forward to seeing your videos about blogging.

  2. Man, you really took the “high road” on how you dealt with this issue and I can honestly say that I am PROUD of you. You are an inspiration to me to look at things from another perspective before going “slap off” over something you have worked so hard for.

  3. Very well said. Even as just a beginner blogger if you copy it is easy to have your site taken away from you. All it takes is for the original content owner to contact your hosting company for your site. Enough complaints and the host will shut you down.

    99% of bloggers are willing to help. Be a loyal reader and build a friendship. You can bet we will help you out after that.

  4. Hey Krystel, great Vlog! I’ve had this happen on numerous occasions…people downright copying and pasting my deals (that I even credited other bloggers for LOL!!!) and they don’t give me credit (or anyone, for that matter). Are they really that stupid? Don’t they know about Google? Then again, imitation is the greatest form of flattery, and I’ve found those that copy … well, they don’t last!

  5. I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS!!!!! You have so much class. I can tell there is a blogger that does that here in Texas. Her site sucks but I can tell she copies because I subscribe to so many. Yours of course, is my number one. She’s a blogger on base. And I suspect the same person teaches the coupon class that tell people to clear the shelves. Her and her friend steal all of the coupons from the commissary each day taking out all of the current ones. They sell them and they also clear the shelves. Leaving other struggling families like myself who do not qualify for food stamps without. I love you Krystal. You always take the high road. Are extremely outspoken and smart. I started couponing way before that horrible show hit the airwaves. Thank you for being classy on this site.

    • Awww Gina Thanks you so much , and I am truly glad to have you as a reader of my site. I hate when people are not considerate of others. So sorry you have to deal with that in TX. She should really be careful as many bases are cracking down on theft of coupon inserts. Thanks again for commenting!

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