With fall making it’s way full speed ahead , my family and I thought it was about time we head out to do a pumpkin picking trip to the farm. After much debate about where to go we decided to go to the patch closest to us called “Gross Farms” located in Sanford NC.

We pulled up to a crowded parking lot but were quickly escorted to a space which was right up front. At first sight we were greeted by pumpkins in front of trees and laying on the ground where the cashiers were. We then found out you had the choice to purchase one right there or you could actually head out to the patch to pick one yourself. We made our way out to the patch and had a ball searching for the perfect pumpkin.

Pumpkins were .50 cents a pound and for four of them we paid about $28.00 . We didn’t bother to eat since I had heard ahead of time food was alittle on the pricey side. I can’t say whether it is or isn’t because I didn’t check out the prices for myself. What I can say is I enjoyed shopping in their little store where I brought apples, apple cider, apple bread, peach jelly and more.

I did find the entry quite confusing because where we entered at we were able to buy our pumpkins and go right back to the car. Then my son decided he had to head to the pumpkin jump which has to be paid for. We thought we would simply buy him admission to it and then leave. We winded up paying $3.00 general admission per person to watch him on the pumpkin jump. My silly husband forgot to ask for the $1.00 off military discount they offer.

The farm also had live music, a hayride and a awesome corn maze which we decided to do on our next visit there. I can assure you Gross Farms is the place to go if you are looking for a fun family activity.

In addition to the Gross Farms website you can check them out on their facebook page.




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