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Schofield Barracks and AMR

My experience was based in Hawaii at Schofield Barracks in January 2008. I was living in my brother’s home while he was deployed to Iraq in the old e1-e4 housing (total crap housing). From the time I arrived on December 3, 2007, I noticed very weird things going on like the door slamming for no reason and the TV turning on and off by itself. I just dismissed it until one night, I went to bed like normal and left my door open so I could hear my daughter in the next room. At 3:31am I was basically shaken out of bed by a deep raspy voice. I looked in the doorway and it was a WWII era soldier by the looks of his uniform and as clear as day, he told me to “GET OUT!”.

I didn’t get scared because I’m an Empath so people who have passed have been coming to me since I was a child. After I told him I’m not leaving this is my house, my door slammed shut and so did my daughters.  My next experience was on Aliamanu Military Reservation (AMR). I was sitting on my sofa watching TV which is next to a window and in that window I could see down my hallway. I looked at the TV and was just about to get up to check on my babies when I saw a black shadow go from my bathroom and walk up my stairs quickly. I asked my husband did he see it too, and he said yes. I’ve had so many experiences on that Island…too many to count.

Fort Bragg…Linden Oaks

My story begins in Fort Bragg in the Linden Oaks base housing. One night my teenage daughter (15 at the time) started screaming. Her screams made my blood go cold. I run into her bedroom and she’s crying hysterically and shaking. She asks me to pick her up and take her to my bedroom. My daughter is bigger and taller than I am. I had to piggyback ride her to my bedroom (my husband was deployed at the time). When we get to my bedroom, she tells me what she saw. Something all dark in color, the size of a toddler had crawled into her bedroom and went under her bed. I had to go into her room and check for her. I was freaked out! On another day I was home during the day. All the kids were in school. We had no new neighbors next door. I hear someone running down the upstairs hallway and that totally scared me.. We are not the only ones with experience. There’s actually a Facebook page, “A Haunting in Linden Oaks“.

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