Although Army Wife 101 is a national blog, we have a soft spot for all things Fort Bragg, aka Fayetteville, North Carolina. It’s where our blog is based out of and we love sharing the story and beauty of this town that so many people don’t know about.

Despite what you may hear about Fayetteville, this historical town is filled with great places to eat, attractions, unique retailers, historical sites and even cool places to take awesome instagram shots.

Let’s be honest! Everyone loves posting cool pics and there’s nothing better then a picture that is a conversation starter.

In fact we ventured out to find some of the coolest spots around town to stop and take Instagram worthy pictures right here in Fayetteville. And while I’m no Instagram photo expert, I had a ball finding these spots and playing virtual tour guide for the day!

There are definitely some other spots not mentioned yet because over the next few weeks we will be sharing more places around town.

Check out some of our finds below!

Cross Creek Linear Fountain

Our first stop was this lovely fountain located right off of N. Cool Spring Street at  Cross Creek Linear Park. The whole park offers great views and picturesque pathways to get awesome shots of, but we really loved the peacefulness and serene calm of the fountain. Thanks Kia from The Social Crown for telling me about this.

White Trash & Color Accessories “Love Locks Wall”

This amazing wall is the perfect place to solidify your love, by putting a lock on it— literally. It was a project started by the owner of White Trash Acessories who always loved the idea of the Paris Lock wall which symbolized the idea of eternal love. After realizing she had an old window grate and some metal mesh panel she launched Fayetteville’s very own Love Lock wall which hundreds of people have placed locks on making it the ultimate destination for a great picture. Visit the lock wall on the side of the White Trash building at 223 Franklin St.

Greg’s Pottery

If you follow any of the local Fayetteville hashtags then you’ve probably have seen this new set of painted angel/fairy wings at Greg’s Pottery located at 122 Maxwell St on the side of the building. They even have a small set of wings for kids to take a fun pic in front of. And, if you want a stylish pop of color—hop in front of their hot pink front door. Next door you’ll also find the prettiest yellow doors for those fun fashion shots.

Random Stops on Hay Street

Hay Street is the most popular street downtown and of course there are many awesome spots to take cool retro like shots or a pretty lifestyle shot of you walking past all the unique shops and boutiques. On our stop today we found some other fun art and decorative spots for you to get your flicks on. Head on down to the V section of Hay St and Ray St and you’ll find these eclectic pieces from the Temporary Public Art Program through the Arts Council. One is called “Ice Pops” and the other is known as “Process”.

Rude Awakening Courtyard

One of my favorite coffee places to visit is Rude Awakening Coffee Shop located at 227 Hay St. Don’t worry they aren’t rude! In fact their warm welcome every time I visit is what keeps me coming there. When I don’t know what I want they kindly make the best suggestions. Oh and if you don’t like coffee try their tea drops! Of course the fun frothy messages they put on your coffee and their motley picture friendly courtyard in the back add to my list of reasons to go there . They have so many sweets and treats. So next time you want something cool to post on IG  head on down there for a cup of coffee and one of their local bytes and enjoy in the courtyard!

Back of Arts Council Building

As I was walking to my car I spotted this fun sculpture along with this cool chalkboard in the back of the Arts Council building located at 301 Hay St. I am assuming the quotes on the chalkboard change often, and I have no idea what the sculpture is but it looked pretty cool!

Livery Antiques

Up the street from Greg’s Pottery is this little rustic antique looking building that happens to be an antique shop. Inside is filled with too many vintage and classic items to name. Be sure to stop on the side of their building next time you visit and snap a pic. Livery Antiques is located at 147 Maxwell St.

1897 Poe House

Located in historic Haymont this Victorian style home has that amazing turn of the century historical charm architecture buffs will love. I’ve visited here on several occasions and never miss a chance to snap a pic on the porch or in front of this classic home. Above are some shots I took on different days. You can visit here at 206 Bradford Ave and tours are free. The inside of this home is like something out of a movie!

Clark Park

One thing people may not realize is that Fayetteville is full of beautiful walking trails. Some of the best trails and scenery is at Clark Park located at 631 Sherman Dr. The scenery is picture perfect along with a set of Railroad tracks that make for a great image. Just remember to be careful.

Read more about the Fort Bragg and Fayetteville area here



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