In 2005-2006 we lived on Fort Bragg, NC . We lived in the old townhouses in the Bougainville housing. There was just pure evil in that house!


How It Started

It started out small with footsteps, strong smelling men’s cologne, and things being moved. It escalated the night we brought our 1st born daughter home from the hospital.

That night I laid her in her crib and went to my room and turned on the baby monitor. I could hear someone walking around in her room. I thought maybe it was our cat, so I put my ear closer to the monitor and I could hear the footsteps and then a mans voice said “you will perish”. I have never been so terrified in my life! After that things became worse and worse.

It Got Out Of Hand
I was embarrassed to have friends over because people got so freaked out. Every day something crazy and unexplainable happened. We had some people from a church come pray over our home. The quiet didn’t last long. It was tons worse after that. One night we were literally scared out of our home, due to doors slamming over and over upstairs, stomping, and our cat was crying (like someone was hurting her).

Final Straw
We went to housing the next day and told them all the things that happened. They thought we were crazy. They sent someone over to inspect the house to be sure someone wasn’t living in the attic. We stayed with friends and moved within the next couple weeks off post.

(I found out after the fact) It wasn’t far from the murders that happened in the Jeffery MacDonald house on Castle Drive. There’s tons of spirits on Fort Bragg. I’m not so sure it was just a ghost in that house though, it was evil!

Submitted by ~Ashley G.~

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