Many of you know I was involved in a terrible rollover accident last month on I-95 heading to Disney World which left my truck a useless pile of metal and me a shook up mess.

I am proud to say that this past weekend I gathered up the nerve to take the drive on I-95 again with my husband and kids for alittle family outing to the SmithField Outlets in Smithfield NC.

Me riding on I-95 This Past Weekend

Before I put aside my fears to get on that death trap of a highway again, I often wondered if I was overreacting in not wanting to go on I-95 again. Then again I guess crashing into a guard rail at full speed and rolling over twice would make just about anyone second guess taking the ride.

Oh How I Miss "Blue Bertha"

Fear aside I jumped into my brand new(er) Ford Explorer…Oh yes did I mention I purchased a Ford Explorer as my new SUV. This is amazing considering that I swore off SUV’s and definitely Fords at that. It took a good friend Susanna from Military Duty Stations to make me realize that besides God and my angels, that just maybe being in Blue Bertha (that was my Ford Expedition’s name) might have been the reason I am still here. I also took into account that I had my previous Ford for three years and she never gave me any mechanical problems.

While I haven’t exactly gotten the courage to actually do the driving on I-95 again yet, I am so glad to just be back on the road!

My new baby!

Thanks to all my readers who shared their recommendations of the best cars and trucks to get!




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13 Comments on New Car…And I Finally Got Back On 1-95 Since The Accident!

  1. I just got the same truck too in red!!! Are you not madly in love with it already! lol I feel so safe in it! Makes the cars next to me look like bugs lol I hope you enjoy your new ride! God bless!

    • Woot for us FORD EXPLORER LADIES lol!

      Yes I’m with both of you I love her , haven’t come up with a name for her but she is the best. She is the Eddie Bauer edition and yessss I am so in love lol. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts :)

  2. “Blue Bertha”…LOL! I call ours the Great White :) I am so glad to see that you are doing well and that you got a new vehicle. It is by the grace of God that you and your family are ALL still here. Bless your heart. I know that had to be a traumatic experience.

  3. I love my Ford too! good for you that you guys got back on the road! I know it was rough, but now you’re oh so much better for it. Seat belts/airbags save lives!

  4. Oh my gosh!!!! I was totally oblivious :( Had no clue about your accident! I’m SO glad you’re okay, babe!! I have a GMC Yukon XL and absolutely love it. With a family our size, I have no choice but to have an SUV, but that’s a good thing since I love them :) I hope you enjoy your new truck!!!

    • Hey Kat,

      It’s ok thanks to the good lord we are here, but it was definitely an eye opener. I agree with you any amount of kids more space is sooo necessary. Thanks for stopping by lady, glad to see ya :)

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