We as moms do a lot. We cater to kids, take care of households , spouses and try to find time for ourselves in between all of this. We as military spouses double up on the challenges trying to maintain the emotional homefront while our loved ones serve overseas. Most of us don’t expect any accolades for what we do but wouldn’t it be nice?

Residence Inn thinks so and is honor of family traveling and all moms do they have launched “Resident Mom Honors”.

From now until October 15, everyone is invited to nominate a special mom or mother figure they know for a Resident Mom Honors award in 10 different categories. A grand prize winner in each category will receive a $500 Visa® gift card. Nominators of the 10 grand prize winners will each receive a $100 Visa® gift card.

Residence Inn provides lodging for business and leisurely travel for many families around the world and sees moms in action everyday and thought it would it would be great to show their thanks for all you moms do.


Want To Nominate a Mom?

Residence Inn Has Several Categories you can nominate a mom in:

1. MILITARY MOM: Moms who have served in the military, are currently serving, or are wives or mothers of military personnel

2. THE MAESTRO: Single moms who take the lead as the primary caregiver to raise their children 

3. SPECIAL NEEDS SUPERSTAR: Moms of special needs children, or teachers or caretakers of special needs kids 

4. CEO OF FAMILY AFFAIRS: Moms who work full-time in the home

5. HUMANITARI-MOM: Philanthropic moms who give back to their community or causes close to their heart 

6. MOM-PRENEURS: Entrepreneurial moms who launched and/or run their own business

7. GOLD MEDAL MOM: Athletic moms or mothers who are committed to their own little budding athletes 

8. THE JUGGLER: Working moms succeeding at the age-old challenge: balancing a career and their children

9. CAREGIVER MOM: Moms who have expanded the notion of “family,” such as foster moms; moms caring for aging parents or other relatives in need; moms who are serving as legal guardians

10. OTHER: Is there a parent in your life who doesn’t fit any of the above categories? What makes them special?

Nominators are asked to visit the Resident Mom Honors page upload a photograph of the mom whom they think deserves to win, as well as provide a brief summary of why the nominee is worthy of the award. Five finalists within each category will be selected, and the public will determine the grand prize winners by voting from October 25-31.



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