Hawaii military installations must have it in for some of you Hawaii military people. First it was the  7 year old refused entry into the commissary on a Hawaii Marine base because he supposedly had workout gear on . Now a military spouse reports she was refused entry to the the PX on Schofield Barracks  by the courtesy police for wearing an everyday casual pair of shorts while shopping.

These are the shorts she says she was wearing when refused entry into the commissary
These are the shorts the source says she was wearing when refused entry into the commissary.

An mil spouse who wishes to remain anonymous wrote me with the following:

Families that are stationed in Hawaii all have experienced the courtesy police. I truly do not have an issue with their duties because sometimes people may take their attire to far. My first encounter with the courtesy police was when I was told to leave the store because my lower back was showing. I apologized and immediately left the PX. The second time was very odd to me. I was approaching the PX when I seen a woman that was part of the courtesy police staring at me. I kept walking and before I walked into the PX she said, “your shorts are to short and you cannot come in”. Before I could get anything out, I turned to my left and a another woman had half her rare out and proceeded inside. Keep in mind its 98 degrees in Hawaii, and I’m carrying two children, so you can only imagine my fury. Respectfully, I asked her “did you not just see that woman that walked inside?” She told me in a assertive voice “no”! I said “well follow me i’ll  show you”. As we perused the PX we found countless women with inappropriate shorts and attire. I was disgusted!  I then asked to see the regulation and it turned out that they misinterpreted the regulation. They understood they were wrong but then began to tell me perception is everything. I asked for the senior NCOIC contact number and they told me to google it, for the Schofield Garrison. I was completely unsatisfied with my treatment. Things seriously need to improve.

These are other women seen in the same day on the PX who also had on similar shorts that were not asked to leave or refused entry.

It sounds like me to me if the military installations are going to implement these dress codes then there needs to be some serious training on the understanding of regulations. I’m all for the dress code but when you have military spouses who husbands may be away and are trying to get into the store to  get things they need , who wants the inconvenience of the above situation with kids in tow. This is the 2nd time it seems the regs have been misunderstood and while yes being a military spouse is a privilege we still have rights!

The dress code for females in the PX as shown to D. Gibson
The dress code for females in the PX as shown to

Do you feel they had a right to refuse entry to this military spouse?

*All images provided by the source for this story who wishes to remain anonymous.



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5 Comments on Again!!! Schofield Barracks Military Wife Says She Was Unfairly Refused Entry Into PX For Same Attire Others Had On

  1. I just left from Hawaii in July an I used to work at the vendor stand right beside courtesy patrol. I’ve seen the male soldiers on that duty for the day only stop men in the Px and not women the men were mostly stopped for wearing tank tops and base ball caps and very rarely they would stop a woman, and that was because her whole entire back was showing but then again another woman would walk right past with a crop top on and showing nothing but skin and they never said anything, but if the courtesy patrol is a woman then she stops alot of woman for shorts, shirts, etc. I feel at all times there needs to be one female solider and one male on this duty for that reason. But I have also seen woman being stopped for this exact reason as this lady and I didn’t see nothing wrong with her outfit.

  2. This is so stupid. I live in Va. I see girls in shorts, tank tops and work out cloths all the time. No you shouldn’t be barefooted or in a bathing suit. But my Lord with all the issues in this world. Please get a life.

    • I’m sorry but the Exchange and Commissary are just stores like anything else off base. It shouldn’t matter what you wear while grocery shopping or general shopping. No one should really care. Are we back in K-12 school when you have to get a list every year showing what not to wear? We are all adults. With all the sacrifices military and spouses make, should they really care what we wear on our days off? When was that put into the contract my husband signed?

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