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The Sears Heroes Wish Registry opened last night even though it said it was not supposed to open until today.

I am seeing so many questions and while I am not a representative for this program or anything close to it, I feel qualified to answer some of these as a past participant.

1. The program is open so yes feel free to register, if the application is up signup.

2. Yes you must register using your service members name.

3. For as long as I participated in this program we have always received 2 to 3 electronic gift cards in the mail. They were sent in disbursements.

4. The program from what I can tell closes their site for certain periods of time and then reopens. I believe this is done to probably keep the site from crashing , because of the influx of applications.

Lastly this program is funded by donations so let’s not go crazy harassing Sears when they are going to send the money. If this is your first time participating you will be kept fully informed via email and the same goes for veteran participants.

You can apply here

Hope the link works because several people have been saying when they go to it that they are getting error messages. I just went to it and it worked fine.

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5 Comments on Sears Hero Wish Registry is Open!!!! Questions Answered

  1. i have tried to register and i get the internet can not find the page error.
    is anyone else getting through? i dont think i can do anything wrong it is pretty straight forward. help….

  2. I am having that problem as well. I get the page to come up but when we submit it takes you to a page that says cant not load page error. I have done this in the past and dont remember it being like this. I think the site crashed some time this morning and that is why we are not getting through. keep trying it will work eventually. Good Luck to everyone submitting for this. It is a great program and it shows that there really are still people out thee that believe in the sacrifices that we make everyday as military and military families.

  3. Ok how wrong was Sear for that. The site down nearly all day I checked it at 3pm still wasn’t up, been tryining since 8:30am, then again at 4pm Lets me in, fill out hit submit nd it says Sorry closed for 2010..So not Happy!!

  4. i tried all day also to fill it out was able to submit a couple of times only to get the error of server busy try again then it said closed even though it said was open until the 15th. I give oh well Im happy for whoever got in your application.

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