With Halloween around the corner what better time then to talk about ghosts and goblins right …hehe!

As some of my readers may know my family and I used to be stationed in Savannah GA which is supposed to be the most haunted city in the US. Now I don’t know what I believe or not. I think I choose not to believe anything because I am a scaredy cat.

My husband who is a paranormal freak went on a ghost tour about two years ago. During the tour this apparent haunted house is shown which was built sometime in the 1800’s. On the house you can see a face which I feel may have been carved there personally but I am not sure. In any event many people have been scared away from this house at 432 Abercorn St , so me being the ditz that I am decided that I would go there during the day with my husband to see . I have to admit I got the willies alittle bit , but I didn’t really start getting them until so many people started watching the video I took while there on Youtube and one person commented this below:

“Right after you say something about being in violation of a rule, at 0:14 I hear a female whisper “not if you’re standing up”! (using headphones) I also hear a man’s voice at 0:33. Was that you that giggled at :47?”

So I asked my husband to listen and he and several others have said that they hear this voice mentioned above. I refuse to listen but I thought we might have some paranormal fans who would love to analyze for themselves. Share your thoughts in the comments section.



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12 Comments on I Ain’t Afraid of No Ghosts…Or Am I ?

  1. I worked at a museum in NW Ohio while I was in college. It was located in a building that used to be an old County Home where people sent the crazy, and Old, and pretty much anybody who couldn’t take care of themselves. We had a rocking chair that would rock by itself in the parlor and up in the attic (where of course I had to work all the time) we would have Items float off shelves and in the morning our organization for the museum artifacts would be all messed up. Glass in with papergoods and the like. It was crazy. And yes I heard the voices on the video.

  2. I think i heard the first one. I want to listen again with better headphones at home.

    At the Naval base in GA my husband said there was a building that was supposedly haunted.

  3. I can’t watch the video {right now} because I have a little one sleeping right beside me and no headphones. :/ {don’t wanna wake her up}. I never knew Savanna was so haunted. I guess I always imagined it would be New Orleans or something with all that voodoo and such down there.

  4. I heard the man’s voice and the giggle… but I didn’t hear anyone say “Not if you’re standing up”… I’m not wearing headphones though.

  5. WOW that is interesting, I really do want to know if it was you how giggled at :47 because if not that ghost is very active… I mean she is active anyway saying that but I think she said “only if you stand up” because you are on a public road in your car but if you stood up you would have been on private property. I wonder what happened to make those students move out so quickly and not come back for their belongings.

  6. My husband and I were stationed at Fort Stewart for 3 years so we visited Savannah very often! I heard the little girl’s voice and the giggle but not the man’s voice. On one of my visits to Savannah, while walking around taking random pictures, I took a picture of the Pirate’s House. Well, after I uploaded the photos I noticed something odd in one of them. When I zoomed in I could clearly see a burnt skeleton (woman) wearing a white 1800’s style dress looking directly at me with her mouth wide open as if she was hissing at me! Seriously the scariest thing I’ve ever experienced. Also, that face that you saw on the side of the house – I have pictures of faces like that on the walls that are along River Street. They’re everywhere in Savannah! Creepy!

  7. I heard those whispers! We went on the Ghost Tour while down in Savannah, it was really interesting. As for whether I believe. I do. The things in my house have made me a believer. I have always believed there was a chance. But now, I am certain. Whatever is here is not frightening, I am not scared of it exactly, but my children are.

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