Fort George G. Meade has a long history dating back to World War I. Several troops have passed through, numerous military families have called it home, and some prisoners of war drew their final breaths while detained here. To this day, many unexplained occurrences happen at Fort Meade.

I spoke with a few friends who, like me, have experienced mysterious moments in their base housing in the Potomac Place neighborhood. From the outside, our stately brick townhomes complete with landscaping, sidewalks, and parks, looks like your typical suburbia. But behind closed doors, you may experience a bit of paranormal activity.

Here is what my very own neighbors have shared.

Unexplained Presence

“My one-year-old son often talks to ‘something.’ On more than one occasion, I’ve heard creaking on the stairs, although nobody is there. And through his baby monitor, we’ve heard footsteps and the sound of someone settling into the recliner in my son’s room.”

The Voice Upstairs

“My mom was visiting and we had all been playing outside. My mom, myself, and my oldest daughter thought my youngest daughter had already come inside. We searched the house for her and my mom decided to look upstairs. While there, my mom heard a voice say, ‘I’m here.’ Puzzled, my mom came downstairs and told me that although she’d heard my daughter, she still couldn’t find her. At that very moment, my husband walked in the door with my daughter, who we thought was inside. Turns out my mom was the only person upstairs.”

Stranger in the Closet

“We had just moved into our new home in Maryland, and my then-two-year-old daughter was waking up really early each morning. Since she was up around 5 or 5:30 a.m., I would let her crawl into my bed in hopes of getting a little more sleep. One morning in her little ‘Cindy Lou Who’ voice she asked, ‘Mommy why did that man take your lipstick into your closet?’”

Invisible Playmates

“My daughter and I were painting our nails when my son woke up, so I went to get him. When I came back into my room, my daughter was playing patty-cake. She said out loud,  ‘My mommy’s back.’ When I asked who she was playing with, she answered, ‘The invisible people.’ So I asked, ‘Where are the invisible people?’ My daughter pointed and said, ‘Right there, on the ground.’ I asked, ‘What are they doing on the ground?’ Without a beat, she answered, ‘Playing patty-cake with me.’”

Flying Phone

“One evening I was looking for my cell phone. It was surprisingly easy to find because when I walked into the kitchen, it flew off the top of my microwave and onto the floor. The microwave wasn’t on.  No, without any rhyme or reason, I walked in and it just flew across the room — thank goodness it wasn’t broken.”

The Mysterious Man

“My two-year-old daughter has seen and talked with someone in the house. She has looked out our back sliding glass door in the middle of the day and said things like “Hi” and “Daddy walking.” (‘Daddy’ and ‘mommy’ was how she differentiated between men and women.) When I looked out back, no one was there. Another unexplained happening occurred after waking up from a nap. She was usually happy, babbling and what not. A few times though, she would say ‘No!’ One day I walked in to get her while she was screaming ‘No!’ and I realized that she was directing it toward the corner of her room. As she screamed, she pointed and held up her hand as if to stop something.”

Shadow On the Stairs

“One night while my husband was deployed, I had a friend over for a sleepover. We had already put our collective four kids to bed upstairs and were just about to enjoy a glass of wine. My friend heard a noise and walked to the stairs to investigate, in typical mom fashion. She said, ‘I see you — nope, that’s not you!’ My friend immediately rushed back into the room. Having overheard this, I asked, ‘What just happened?’ She replied, ‘Well, I saw someone peeking around your stairs, I thought it was one of the kids but simultaneously, I heard them all upstairs in their room. So, that wasn’t one of ours.’ I instantly got chills. For a couple of weeks, I was afraid to look up my stairs in the dark, in the event that I would see that same figure. Just this week, I was sleeping in my guest room when something caught my eye. From the bed, I could see the top of the staircase through the open door. Twice I saw a shadowy blur. I assumed it was one of my kids, but then immediately heard them downstairs. It’s one of those things that you can’t really explain, but it catches the corner of your eye when you least expect it.”




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