Does eating twinkies make you a sensitive military wife ?

So it’s no secret , there is a popular FB page that makes light of what is known to be “the stereotypical” military spouse. The page states that in fact they are trying to break this stereotype , you know the one that labels all military wives as fat slobs, women with lots of kids, chicks who carry ACU bags and for some ungodly reason wives who eat twinkies all day (hell twinkies aren’t even good anymore they taste like chemicals). This label also includes wives who are big but who dress in small clothing or wives who are said to be whining or sensitive because they put up what is considered corny phrases such as “proud Army Wife” or list “Mom & Army Wife” under their occupation on their FB pages.

I’m sure a select few will come over here and say that’s not the case but if you find the page trust and believe you will see exactly what I am saying. The question still lies is the page a bit hypocritical considering some of these folks are going out their way to complain about other spouses who aren’t bothering them? Sounds a bit sensitive to me!

Because I am a military spouse blogger for the “common sense challenged” I am going to talk about this , so no whining please!

One last piece of advice…watch the video first before commenting so that you don’t look like a twat wad when you say something that I already addressed in the video.


Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below

By the way I don’t do the young immature bating stuff  so if you have a comment leave it below and keep it moving.




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191 Comments on So We’re All Sensitive Military Wives Huh?

  1. AMEN! I love your attitude and opinion on this subject! I do agree that military spouses represent their spouses, so it’s important to look appropriate when you’re out and about. But like you said if some wives don’t see the importance of things like that, then to each his own.

    I have been on the page and I honestly think they’re making more stereotypes than they’re breaking. Just my opinion though. :)

    • Gabrielle,

      You’re absolutely right. Spouses do reflect and represent the service member and I agree the spouse should be presentable while in public. At the same time the spouses taking pictures without consent and commenting on this Facebook page are also a reflecting back on their service member spouse and the reflection is UGLY.

      This is the kind of crap that gives military spouses the reputation for being immature, petty and catty.

      I can guarantee you now that Krystal blogged about it, it will be picked up by the media and it’s not going to be a pretty representation of what the majority of our community is all about.

  2. Krystal,
    You said everything I wanted to say.

    I’ve definitely blogged about overly sensitive or immature spouses but never, ever have I gone after someone’s physical appearance or what she was purchasing/eating. Taking pictures of a person without their knowledge borders on stalking and invasion of privacy in some states. The owner of this Facebook page is only encouraging this behavior and possible violation of the law by posting these pictures as well.

    Facebook needs to shut this page down and it needs to be reported to a PAO immediately. I’m sure there is a quick and easy way to search the IP address to narrow down the owner.

    We, as spouses, are a small group of people and we don’t have many people, other than each other, who can understand what our lives are like. Instead of tearing one another down we need to be supporting and lifting one another up. There is a huge difference between some tough love in the form of a “quit your whining” pep talk and a “OMG! Did you see how fat her ass looks in those sweats? What a slob!”

    • Hey Jennifer,

      Thanks for commenting!

      Yes a huge difference between genuine tough love and out right immature making fun of people. God only knows what things people are going through.

      The wives in sweats might be the wife who just lost her husband and her mind frame isn’t even in a state to dress properly. People just never know and that is why it’s such a problem.

      Thanks for your thoughts!

  3. Good Job! I see exactly what you’re saying, personally I watch the page because I do like to check if my or my children’s pictures have been taken. Also because at one time parents of special needs children were being targeted. It also shows how their life sucks & talk about people instead of getting an education or volunteering their time. Thank God for myself I’m a grown 38 yr old woman who really don’t care because people will always talk. But I draw the line when my pic or or my childs pic gets taken. Especially since at times my child who is autistic, to the outsiders it may look like my son is bad, unruly, but he might be having a tantrum, an issue, not understanding why he can’t have something. For myself I’ll be snatching the camera away & calling the MP’s & pressing charges for Child exploitation. And being 6′ tall Amazon chick from NYC, I’m not scared of walking around in the Bronx, Newark, NJ so lonely loosers at Fort Bragg are far from threatening to me. And NO I will not whoop their ass because they are not worth jail time. So you’re right they better pray they not come across the wrong person for the reasons you stated & more.

    • OMG Raquel I had no idea they were targeting people with handicapped children. How stupid and inhumane is that.

      You out a different spin on it that I wasn’t aware of and al the more reason why this isn’t cool at all.

      Thanks so much for sharing and I can tell you are not going to take anyone’s crap lol!

    • That is absolutely insane! Attacking adults is one thing, but to go after a defenseless child is downright appalling. I’ve been teaching special ed for 4 years and have 2 cousins and 1 aunt with special needs. I truly thought I heard/seen it all.

      I don’t understand why wives get THAT upset over how wives look at various places on post. Is it having a direct effect on your life? Then, why do you behave as such. I cringe when I see an ACU purse b/c I think they’re kind of ugly, personally. However, I would NEVER take a picture and post it on my blog or on facebook all like ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Ppl just seem to not understand limits anymore.

  4. I totally agree with you. People Get a life. If your self esteem is so low that you have to poke fun at others then you are the one that needs help. I might see something once in awhile that doesn’t look right. That doesn’t mean I have the time or energy to snap a pic. Really. Geez.

    • Absolutely! When you are grown and the highlight of your day is taking pics of folks to polk fun , then you have some issues within yourself.

      Thanks for taking time to comment Liz :D

  5. You go girl! I agree 100%! (Although, i have no clue what site your referring to),its sad to know people out there would resort to doing these types of things,,,*sigh. Especially these days when we seem to see more and more bullied victims taking there own lives,or lashing out. Who would want to risk this type of behavior!? Shame on you! :-/

    • Thanks for stopping by Allisha I would have posted the site but I refuse to give them more hits then I am probably already going to give them lol. You are so right about bullying victims and how this can effect others.

  6. My husband is in the Army, but im not. I am a professional photographer who wears sweats to the grocery store after a 16 hour shoot. I don’t live nor go on post and really don’t have any military friends, with the exception of a couple artistic girls like me.

  7. You are so right on so many areas in this video. I would like to think that Military wives are above this type of behavior, unfortunately we all know there are some who are not. Not only is this a time when we should support each other instead of criticizing and tearing down others, we all also represent our Soldiers, the Military and the United States.
    Thank you for your willingness to address this issue, Bullying has NO PLACE anywhere, especially among a small community such as ours.

  8. i hate it that people think military wives sit around doing nothing. i even have my own photography LLC! and i happen to know its illegal for people to take photos of others and post them some where without the people permission. if i were those ladies whos photos were posted. id do something about it. and btw i dont even know the other blog/site being talked about. so this is just my opinion.

    • See what you just did, just flew right into the typical mil spouse. Hahaha

      “i even have my own photography LLC! and i happen to know its illegal for people to take photos of others and post them some where without the people permission.”

      you are wrong. you do not need permission to post anything anywhere if the pictures are taken in public and are not used for commercial purposes, ie sold.

      just because you have an at home photography business doesn’t mean you are a lawyer. I am willing to bet your photos are not even copywrite protected. Unless you make enough to spend the THOUSANDS it costs to LEGALLY protect your pictures.

      I am in business of Law. Trust me if any one of any of the people tried to sue the facebook owners they would never make it to court. the case would be dropped before it ever started. there is no grounds in the motion.

      Just putting that out there for everyone.

      The simple way to change this is, DONT represent your husband as a slob and nobody can say anything or post pictures of you in your husbands PT shirt, that was issued FOR HIM. Sorry but my wife would NEVER represent me in that manner. it goes to show the pride the SPOUSES have today in their husbands.

      • Not everyone feels the need to dress up and do full hair and makeup to go grab some milk from the commissary. That is unrealistic. I have browsed through their pictures, and I saw several that were larger women dressed appropriately and they were bashing them for no other reason that their weight. Blaming the victim, telling them that if they don’t want to be the target of online bullying they need to dress nicer, is just disgusting. YOU are disgusting for saying that. A real man doesn’t need a trophy wife.

        • I never said anything about being a trophy wife. ever. i never said even make up.

          But going in public is another thing. if you leave the house you should be wearing PANTS, not PJs. You sure as hell dont wear a uniform with pj pants.

          I dont agree with someone wearing clothes that fits correctly. but if you got a muffin top, buy some larger pants and shirts.

          Have a standard. looking presentable, regardless how long you are going to be away from the house is NOT much to ask.

          It takes 5 min to brush your hair, 2 minutes to throw some pants on.

          This isn’t about just fat women. at all. it is mostly because they dont care when they are overweight so they dont give a shit about putting on clothes that fit either. or pj’s ect.

          I have yet to see anyone make fun of someone that is wearing cloth that fit and hair done right……please link a pic that people made fun of that?? please. i will make a comment on that picture telling them how much of an ass they are being! please reply with the link. thanks!

      • So you’re in the business of law but yet you misqoute how much it cost to copyright photographs. I think you should look it up and come back and argue that one with me because I do copuright my images and trust me, I know the laws! Personally, I think you should worry about yourself rather than telling others how they should or shouldn’t act. You attacked that young lady as if you know her personally, do you? My husband has a job, as do I. I don’t interfere with his work anymore than he does mine. I represent myself when I walk out of the house. I don’t remember my husband receiving a receipt of ownership when we married nor do I have his name tattooed on my forehead for all to see. Besides that, if I wear a pair of sweats to the store, how is that going to influence my husband’s work? Will me wearing designer clothes push his career ahead any? Come on now lets be real here. If thats what it takes to get ahead in the military then I can see why there is problems.

  9. setting in my pajamas right now. I am so glad I found your blog this morning. So funny because I just liked the page this morning and the reason i did is for the pictures. I had no idea what it really was like. I just realized you are at bragg too.

  10. see i agree but at the same time, about the wives and the pictures- if they don’t want to be acknowledged- don’t dress in a way to draw attention. i mean you are representing your husband and in a way, i’m thankful they do the pictures because i get sick personally of seeing a woman with her tits and ass hanging out [excuse my language]. as for the page itself, i completely agree- it’s a bunch of whiny wives bitching about other wives who whine lol. great post krystal

    • I don’t wear my T-shirt that say US Army Redstone Arsenal to draw attention I wear it because I like the t-shirt. John Doe in Arkansas probably has the same T-shirt he picked up at the Thrift Store to keep warm.

      • Noone is bitching about a post tee shirt.

        What I have a problem with as a now retired soldier is all these fat women wearing OUR PT shirt. this shirt is uniform. the husband is at fault for allowing her for wearing it. but look if your 400 pounds dont go around wearing his uniform. in fact if your 10 pounds dont wear it.

        It makes me sick to see it. just as much as a soldier who wears his uniform all jacked up. but thats the mentality of the crappy soldier today. they dont care. they are lazy. for every squared away soldier there are 10 screw jobs. they dont marry the best thing out there either……and it shows.

        so point in short, DO NOT WEAR HIS PT SHIRT IN PUBLIC. PERIOD!@

        • “What I have a problem with as a now retired soldier is all these fat women wearing OUR PT shirt.”

          Your bigotry is showing.

          • its not bigotry, its simple fact. You didn’t earn the shirt. dont wear it. and if you earned it, dont disrespect it by looking like a slob.

            I am fat myself, you will NEVER see me wearing my uniform. yes it still fits however, and I legally able to put my uniform on because I am retired, will not because I will not bring shame to my uniform like that. Unlike the milspouse who illegally wears it, and looks like a damn slob bringing major disrespect to the image of the uniform

  11. THANK YOU!!! i ran across that FB page and was like…..seriously?! The simple fact that they even had enough free time to make and complain on a FB page like that is just entertaining to me. I am sure that over 50% of their friends list includes these sensitive military spouses that they spend hours on hours bashing. Loved your blog!!

  12. Great response. Thank you on behalf of a fellow military wife. People can be so cruel and insensitive! No one can figure out why kids are such bullies?!?!? Maybe society needs to take a look at how the adults are behaving and we would be at such a loss for the reason!!! This goes for everyone, not just military spouses! Everyone has their own burdens to bear and most of the time those burdens are not ones that are visible to the eye.

  13. Very eloquently said. Did you know the person that was in charge of the Bragg one ended up getting reported and had her husband demoted? Many of the members use fake profiles and I wonder why would you be using a fake profile if there is nothing wrong with what you are doing? I agree with everything you said in the video! While they bring up some valid points, they mostly nitpick on everything, semantics on ‘his’ or ‘our’ paycheck and seriously, when you asks someone if they want a twinkie 20 times on one status, I think you need a new insult.

    • would like to see any PROOF in your statement. I have not found that ART 15 or Courts-martial on file anywhere. Nor have I been able to find any newspaper clippings in regards to this.

      Please tell me this isn’t another typical “oh i heard it from……” if this is, then this is exactly what that site is talking about.

  14. Amen Krystal!

    It is most definitely cyber bullying and completely inappropriate. Morals and manners…. you either have them or you don’t.

  15. Crystal I agree 110% With everything that is out there right now about bullying. I think this type of activity and the same type of activity on or their sister site is breeding bullying. The people that think this is “cute” could possibly condone their own children bullying others. To them it may not be bullying when their child snatches another toy from a kid at the playground or on a play date. Not teaching your child to share or manners is condoning bullying. So yes these three sites are in my opinion Cyber Stalking and Bullying. I just LOVE that NOT! I think all three of these website/blogs are demeaning. I personally don’t have an expensive DSLR camera I have a tiny pitiful point and shoot. So I am not trying to impersonate a photographer. Well I guess because this new photographer only charged me $25 that means she is a phoney photographer that she doesn’t have talent. So wait?? If you don’t charge a buttload of money then you must not be the next Anne Geddes, Kim Anderson, Ansel Adams? EXCUSE ME! I think there is enough bullies in our world without certain people to be tearing other people down. I think adults who act like this are the ones who raise bullies themselves.
    If I do get a DSLR from Santa this year I will not be a professional or even semi professional photographer that’s NOT what I am trying to do. Btw that webpage makes fun of Military wives who choose to try and make a living off of photography when let me tell you what its hard enough for Military Wives to keep a career when we are supporting our man. So they can CHILL out. I think by getting a DSLR and offering inexpensive services they may not be a professional but maybe someone DOES like their work and is willing to pay for it. Maybe they can improve and become a talented photographer. Why tear that down because I can’t afford to go pay a $200 sitting fee? If there is a military wife (or civilian lady) out there with a DSLR and a fan page, photography blog that wants to aspire to become Anne Geddes why must people tear her dreams down? Its a free country. She may not have taken Photography classes but I’ve been told by high priced photographers that you don’t have to they would rather you not waste your money on expensive classes there is too much free information out there in books and on youtube on how to correctly use your Camera and software even for Point and Shoots. You may have your fancy DSLR camera and want to grow and learn. So your like how a Private is in the US Army he isn’t ready to lead, fire a gun, or save a life yet and your not ready to shoot pictures for the White House but could you one day be a General or a Highly Paid Photographer for New York Times YES you can! Whether your doing it on your own or you work at Sears. You GO girl!
    Now for the Overly Sensitive Military Wife. I was called that pretty much on that second webpage link up there. I have a ACU hand bag (actually two!) I wear Army Sweatshirts, T-shirts and even a sweat suit. I wear my husbands PT shirt to bed (NOT outside) and I don’t wear his uniform. Oh yeah and my car shows my pride too so that makes me overly sensitive. I think the people who contribute to Overly Sensitive Military Wives Facebook page, You are not a Photographer, You are not a graphic designer need to mind their own damn business.
    In the past few months I have had my work basically made out to be trash when the people who were trashing my work (I do graphic design) I have been doing it longer than most of them have been out of high school. I deleted my professional page just because I can offer my services, I have a blog, word of mouth can get me business but all be damned if I catch my work on YOU ARE NOT A GRAPHIC DESIGNER to be bullied by immature idiotic adults.

    My definition of an Overly Sensitive Military Wife is the one’s who whine their husband is in the field, has duty, is on their millionth deployment. Its all PART of their job. An Overly Sensitive Military Wife whines the military comes before them. Yes its a sacrifice and it sucks. My husband did it for 24 years and my son did it for 4 more years. I am sorry your husband (husband of an Overly Sensitive Military Wife) missed your birthday and didn’t get to call you when you had a bad day but so and so’s husband didn’t come home from Iraq or Afghanistan at all. There are over 3,000 of those! I am sorry that you had a Migraine yesterday but so and so had to have her entire pregnancy without her husband and give birth on her own. THAT my dear is an overly sensitive military wife!

    … Now I am going to post your blog on mine lol

  16. I believe this is a new type of cyber bullying! We should be sticking togther instead of picking each other apart, this is why the military community is so split and why i have so few army friends! The cattiness needs to end! I know one thing i always try to look my best but some days are hard and if i ever ended up on that page i would sue the hell out of them!

  17. Well I’m not sure which page this is in reference to, but I couldn’t agree more with your video … to tear someone down for any reason is awful , especially for how they look or dressed . And I agree with a comment above if my kids were having pictures taken of them and put online you can bet I would be taking legal action

  18. I agree though i do have to say im guilty of going out in sweats and stuff. But like u said we are all going through our own battles. And depression is one of many that i know many wives go through. Two of my friends are on the people at the px page and and i find it hurtful. Its not like these ppl are doing anything to you (like you said) i think u hit the nail on the head!

    • I agree. I think its sad that people take time out just to make fun of others. No one knows what someone is going through in their life. I dont think wives should wear their husbands uniforms, but what it so wrong with wearing sweats to the commisary. I mean sometime I wear nice sweats, a regular t shirt, and pull my hair up in a ponytail. I dont think that is bad to wear to the PX or the commisary. My husband is deployed. I have a 2 teenagers and 1 is special needs. So sometimes I dont want to get dressed up and put make up on to go grocery shopping. I dont understand why that make us wives seem bad. I understand when i go to unit functions and stuff I need to look good cause I am representing my husband. But if im just running to the store to buy dog food I dont think wearing sweats is making my husband look bad. I am sorry Shelby that they put some of your friends on that site and you are so right we are all going through our own battles so we should be sticking together and not tearing each other down.

  19. I personally have not seen the page, but I have heard a lot about it. What I hear about the page makes me believe that the page owners and administrators are still living in middle/high school and get their rocks off belittling others. For someone to make fun of another, they must have serious underlying issues. I highly doubt that person is “perfect”. Am I honestly supposed to believe that the ladies who take the pictures and make the comments dress to the nines anytime they leave their house? Are they Mrs. America’s? I highly doubt that! Everyone has their days. Like you said, we don’t know what that person is going through! It is just a bunch of petty little girls that have NOTHING else to do with their lives! One day they will grow up. Hopefully. It is just baffling how immature and insensitive grown women can be! I hope they get a BIG reality check. Can someone please snap a photo of them looking grungy?! I am sure they would come up with an EXCUSE as to why they looked that way! What happens when they take a picture of a general’s wife who just so happens to be in the pharmacy getting meds from a sickness or post-surgery? Another thing, what do their husbands think about their petty page? Put a picture of their higher up’s wife and watch the husband get reamed for letting his wife act in such a manner! I am afraid to even look at the page. I am sure I will be disgusted with the way those ladies are acting.

  20. They jumped ALL over someone for carrying a camo bag the other day. Calling those women a b**ch, hoes, etc for carrying a bag! >.<

    I commented "You aren't a b**ch for carrying a bag. But you may be a b**ch if you b**ch about the bags that other women carry."
    Don't think they cared for that lol

  21. Oh, I also heard them complain about wives that post things like “I miss my husband”, when he’s deployed. So petty…..
    I will miss my husband as much as I want, and this is MY FACEBOOK, if you don’t like it, delete me, or ignore it. People need lives.

  22. I am a mother of two children under too. Unfortunately that does not leave me much time to get all decked out before I take my sick child to the clinic or sometimes I don’t have the time to do full face makeup to go to the store. But I can guarantee you my husband loves me either way! Clothes do not define a person and I can promise you that I will continue going in my sweats, because my children come first.

  23. I’m not certain what page this is in regards to (linked via FB by a friend) but I agree with everything you are saying. Like you, I am one of those people who likes to look nice when I leave the house, especially now that we’re living on base. However, I don’t need to slam other women to make myself feel good about myself. We’ve all had bad days and left the house looking sub par, and really, you never know what is going on in someone else’s life. Women need to stop attacking other women. Period. It’s ugly, it’s stupid, and it degrades us all. And I don’t care how hot you think you look, I can guarantee that somewhere out there is someone who thinks you look like crap too, so get over your damn selves and stop putting others down.

  24. Wow, the petty and basically straight up mean, and bullying behavior of others never ceases to amaze me. I am a firm believer in to each their own, and live and let live. I’m going to do things my way, and I feel others should do the same. It’s surely not my place to pass judgement, or say whether the way they live is right or wrong. Just go about your life and take care of you and yours. Don’t worry about how the lady in line next to you is dressed, let alone post pics of it with your childish commentary. We all have our own issues that we deal with on a day to day basis, and I don’t pretend to know what the person behind me or in front of me is going through. I just know that they are a fellow human being and will treat them as such, and not be disrespectful. Thank you Krystal for all you do for our community of wives. You are a voice for so many, and I for one am appreciative of that.

  25. Preech girl!! Those lame a** chicks need to get a life i feel ya! And BTW you look good girl let those haters be your motivaters!!

  26. I think a site like is just sad!

    We are now living in a cycle of bullying! Our children see what we as adults do and if “mom” is making fun of someone over their size or what they are wearing or eating, what do you think those kids are going to do to their peers? Adults make it acceptable with sites like these!
    Of course there is some humor in our situation. It’s unique! Besides if we can’t laugh at ourselves we all would have lost our minds by now. BUT when someone is planning their day and thinks what a great idea it will be to take photos of people that might not fit the mold, it says more about the person taking the photo that person IN the photo!

    I’m sure I’m repeating what you said and what everyone else is saying, but I really needed to write it down or it was going chap my ass for the rest of the day!

  27. Wow! I didn’t know ppl actually have time on their hands to do this! As wives you would think people have grown up and stopped the childish games! We as military wives have a lot of things on our plate than to have other military wives adding to it! Come on ladies less stop being immature and let people live their own lives! Let’s all mind our own business for once! Thanks for posting this!

  28. I found a pic of me on the page…pretty awful, but considering it was 48 hours after surgery and we had to have milk, I don’t care. Why would you make fun of someone who despite a deployed husband and a ton of pain, is out taking care of her family? Ridiculous!

    Thanks Krystal for having the gumption to put the opinions out there!

  29. This is just dumb (not the video, the attention these people are getting). This is what I tell my kids: Kids that bully you are lacking something in their own life whether it’s a good homelife, self-esteem, support, lack of grades, whatever – something is missing from their lives. They put you down to make themselves feel better. But when all is said and done, it is the bully that will end up alone.
    I think that’s the case here. I go to the commissary in my sweats. So what? Take my picture, put it up there, call me a fatass, say my hair is too pink. Whatever. Opinions are like assholes: everyone has one.

  30. I agree with you 100%. The most disturbing thing about that page is it was created by and officer, maybe I’m the only one but I hold officers to a much higher standard. The site itself is hypocritical because not all of them are pageant queens that are size 2, most have the “8 billion kids” they poke fun at. What started as a joke because of the wife’s complaining about KFTT turned into something really ugly, I know a few wives like them. Like you said, they need lives.

  31. Hey! I love this. First of all, I dont know what this page is that you are talking about, so I cant comment on the page itself. But from what you are saying, I completely agree with you. I think it’s kinda childish to be poking fun at Army wives because of what they are wearing… I know me personally, if I’m having a stressful day the last thing I think about is how I look. But 90% I try to look my best, and I’m also a bigger girl so I know what my size is and what NOT to wear to look ‘trashy’. But people nowadays will do anything for a ‘like’ or a ‘view’… It’s what the internet has become. Constantly having your camera on stand-by hoping that someone will do something dumb and you can get a picture or video of it is normal now. It’s sad that throwing someone else under the bus for your personal benefit is considered ‘cool’ now, but what are you gonna do? I don’t care how corny it is, I wear my Army stuff proudly…and why? Because I’m proud damnit! Why shouldn’t I be?

    I’m an Army Wife, and why should I be scared of some people taking my picture because I have a corny Army wife magnet on my car and a proud Army wife keychain and poking fun at it on their stupid website. Simple answer, I dont. I bear them proudly and I don’t give a damn what people think about it.

  32. I would really like to know what the page is so that I can make sure there are no pictures of myself or my family. I know it is silly but I always try to make sure that I am dressed nicely when I go anywhere on post.

  33. This is why i quickly unfriended the “People of PX” page too. I like the People of Walmart because its fun and the moderators make it fun to even be on that page. However the moderator on the People Of the PX one, seems to be one sided and make serious fun of the photos, or they mention names/locations etc. You can NOT DO THAT as a professional!! I totally agree with everything you had to say. Its BULLYING!!!!!
    I even said that on the 7th. So i am fully with you!

  34. I used to think the page was some what funny until the women on there became too outrageous. I do believe that you should hold yourself up to some standard when it comes to going out. I dont think sweats qualifies as being dressed sloppily. I also dont believe in thinking because I married a man in the military that means I am entitled to any and everything just because of the uniform my husband wears.

    That being said I do believe their site has become way out of hand and just down right disrespectful. I think as women in general we deal with enough of the image insults in our day to day life that we dont need to worry we are going to end up on some ridiculous facebook page. Some of the women on that page thrive off of breaking other people down and to me its really very sad.

    • I agree with Jay in that the site has become out of hand, but that happens with public sites when you get people with all opinions who are going to voice them, you even see it here on Krystal’s page. The Admins on OSMW do their best to control the down-right abusive, they have NEVER targeted children-anyone who has was removed, and they are working on cleaning up the page and getting it back to the “roots” of what it was made for…and if any of you would read the “Info” page and TRY and understand it, you would see what the origins of the page are all about. The problem is that there is 8000, yes 8000 opinions on there now so there are going to be people who get out of hand and they are doing what they can to control it. That being said, they do admit they they ALL have OSMW moments, they aren’t claiming they aren’t ones themselves…and, as Jay said, its about holding yourself to a standard when it comes to going outside your house. That is what the page’s intent is for. It doesn’t say that you have to be glamoured up, just get out of your PJs, run a brush through your hair, don’t look like you just rolled out of bed! Have a little pride in yourself so that your husband can have some pride in YOU.

      • Believe it or not some husbands love their wives regardless of how they look. Not everyone is a shallow asshole who is all about appearances, and most don’t expect their wives to look like a hot piece of ass 24/7. I just browsed their photos and there was one of an overweight woman wearing jeans and a sweater that fit her fine and was not inappropriate and the admins and page fans were just bashing away. That’s nothing but plain and simple bigotry of overweight people. Not everyone who is overweight is a lazy slob who eats all day.

  35. I am with you concerning the OSMW page. At the beginning, I liked it and had fun with many of the postings. But meanwhile I removed it from my Facebook. It turned into stupid bashing, whining, and arrogant comments, instead of having a bit of sarcastic but honest debate.

  36. I’ve decided over the months this fb page has been up that these women are very insecure and that everything they complain about is truly their own fears coming out. I am thankful that I’m secure enough in myself that I don’t have to walk around on our post and judge every spouse. I think we’re all guilty of being ugly at least in thoughts at times, but when you get ugly enough in your heart that you feel the need to bash them on a fb page and worse take someone’s picture unknowingly, it juts speaks volumes.

  37. I have listened to several of your Vblogs, while I share your opinion on most points. I think you forgot to list self responsibility. No person is responsible for the things that others do. If I make a negative comment about someone, I will own my comment. I take pride in my appearance not because I am married to a Soldier, but because that is how I was raised. Yes, everyone has a time in their life when they do not look their best. However, when you see the same individuals over and over again looking like they fell off the PJ truck, it makes you wonder about their self respect. I do not believe in attacking people, yes it has been done on the page you speak of. I believe the mods of that page do their best to police the bad apples, you should know that that is not an easy feat. It comes down to being an adult and making adult decisions, if individuals don’t like the site then they should avoid it. Suicide is a very touchy subject, while no one knows what triggers a suicidal person to take that final plunge there are more factors than being upset about a facebook page.

    • I get what you are saying and I probably did miss a point. In regards to suicide tell that to the numerous teens who have took their own lives because of something that happened on the internet. Tell that to the several emails I just got about this video of people thanking me who were at their breaking point or had just had something bad happen to them and their pictures were posted on that site. Yes you are correct in that sometimes there is more going on and then sometimes all a person has to do is snap. You never know!

      • I am not arguing your point at all. I actually think you have valid points. I just feel people put way to much stock in social media. We need to teach our children and our peers that there are still other ways of communicating.

    • Yes, there are many factors that contribute to suicide, one of which is depression, which causes people to stop caring about their appearance. So likely many of those women who are so depressed they can’t even get up, take a shower, brush their hair, or get out of pajamas are the target of this kind of bullying. And just because YOU take pride in your appearance doesn’t mean everyone has to. Why do your standards apply to everyone else? Isn’t that a bit conceited? And if the mods really cared they wouldn’t even have a page dedicated to attacking people who don’t live up to THEIR shallow standards of appearance. Shame on your for standing up for this behavior.

  38. I love how that page “changes” their “rules” Everytime they end up in the spotlight for their stupidity. Everything they do is a disgrace to their spouses that serve. As far as the “brag bag” goes- women don’t carry that as a way to wear their husbands rank… They carry it be because (usually) its made from their husbands actual uniform and it’s their way of showing support for the job their husband does. I carried one when my husband was deployed- and it felt good to have a price
    Of him with me everywhere I went. The petty wives on that page need to grow up a stop picking apart everyone else. They can say that they dont “bash” people based on size, shape, looks, etc all they want, but it happens on a daily basis. It needs to end, and it needs to end now. There is no place in the world for such hate. People wonder why there are wars and such instability in our world- people such as these are the reason why. People that have no heart, no conscience. It’s pathetic. They all make me sick. Get over yourselves and at least act like your parents taught you better than that.

  39. i as well have seen this page and its sad… i hate to think that just because i own a “brag bag” , i wear his pt shirt out in public, i have support stickers on my truck & i never take off his dogtags i am a target! i think its an honor to be able to show my support for my love.

    • DO NOT WEAR HIS UNIFORM. you disgrace the uniform, did you go to basic to EARN the right to wear a uniform? no. so stop doing it. He should be the one man enough to tell you. it is not ok for you to wear his uniform.

      simple question with a simple answer, do you see a COP’s wife going around wearing his badge? do you see her wearing his uniform?

      NOPE, maybe in the bedroom for some fun, but not out in public.

      DO THE SAME! respect the uniform. you might as well just burn a flag in my front yard. because that is what you are doing by wearing MY uniform.

  40. Thank you for saying every thing I have been thinking in my head about these pages. Your perspective on this topic is dead on. And on a separate note, if overweight women are so horrible, why do soldiers keep marrying them. Must be something good there. lol.

  41. listen, ive been a fan of osmw since almost the beginning of the page. i “liked” it when it was in the hundreds. to the commenter who said they target children or special needs is a liar. the people who have said anything about kids have been banned immediatly and comments or posts have been deleted. i remember something about that early on the page and we all agreed to not target children EVER! if you do u will be banned. its not about bashing, its about sterotypes. when it was started it these people helped me get through the last bit of my husbands deployment. they do charity work for wounded warriors from the page. i have made friends and contacts for the next duty station we are going to. ive never gotten any of that from any other military fb page. yes most of the fans have a twisted sense of humor but i love the page. thanks

    • I am right there with you Bonnie. Some people dont have a sense of humor at all. and guess what if they don’t, then they fall right into the sterotype. Of course those that are the sterotype are not going to like the page. duh.

      I find it awesome that these ladies can laugh at themselves. If you don’t want to be represented as a fat lazy slob then DO NOT GO IN PUBLIC like that.

      All these people say, ahh its depression, its this, its that. NO its simple laziness. pure and simple. I was a full time single soldier parent of 3 daughters. you never caught me at the pX in my PJs… this excuses of single parenthood is bunk. esp since 30 percent of mil spouse have live in boyfriends/girlfriends while the soldier is gone. 50 percent have families that live with them or they move in with family. So that leaves 20 percent who actually live the “single life”.

      I am not trying to bash on anyone. I speak the TRUTH that I have seen for 11 years of my career. I seen it until my last day in uniform before I retired. I still see it today as I go the PX. I respect the military spouse and there is NO REASON to live the stereotype.

      STOP wearing his dog tags, STOP wearing his UNIFORM in public. ESP if your 400 pounds. you are not representing the us army, your disgracing it.

      to me that is what that website is for. to get people to WAKE UP. I have been thinking/saying this stuff for years.

      I am the jerk that will go up to a soldier and his wife if she is wearing the uniform and chew him out. Let him know it is our uniform and to think what would china think if they saw this 400 pound slob with her lower gut hanging out of the uniform?

      RESPECT the uniform and you will RECEIVE respect.

      • Making blanket statements that all overweight people are lazy isn’t logical or true. Don’t make statements that you can’t back up with evidence. If you don’t want people wearing your uniform then don’t let people wear it, but don’t sit here and pretend you are the Commander In Chief and can tell other people what to do. You are nothing but a fat hating bigot. If I saw you chew out a man and his wife you don’t even know I’d probably record it and get you fired.

        • Fired? hahaha good one. I am retired Kara.

          If you don’t want people to wear the uniform the dont let people wear it????? did you just ask me that, then try to critisize me for trying to do that?

          This really shows your plain IGNORANCE. I am willing to bet you are fat. in fact i am willing to put my life savings on it.

          I pretend to be nothing. I only am MYself speaking as myself. Yes I am fat. I am lazy. Why am I fat, because I am lazy. a VAST majority of people are fat because why?? they are lazy. it is simple fact.

          Don’t tell me oh medical this and medical that. we are fat because we eat crappy and are to lazy to work out. PERIOD!

          I have talked to a soldier and his wife as a person on my own. to inform him and her of the law and also how nasty she looks. the dude got irate, rightfully so, but guess what at least it made them think. there’s more i said to him. like ive posted before. I dont wear the uniform because i have pride in it, so should he. its his uniform and its job to respect it.

          Call me a bigot, i will will say so what!. I would rather be called a bigot a million times then to see OUR militarys image be pinned as a bunch of fat chicks.

          If these mil spouses honestly RESPECTED the armed forces they would understand it is NOT ok to wear the uniform. if they honestly honored their husbands they would not bring shame onto them by being 400 pounds and wear HIS uniform.

          This is very simple stuff. i dont see how people can even reply with anything that makes any sense. it isn’t your uniform, DONT wear it.

        • Fired? hahaha good one. I am retired Kara.

          If you don’t want people to wear the uniform the dont let people wear it????? did you just ask me that, then try to critisize me for trying to do that?

          This really shows your plain IGNORANCE. I am willing to bet you are fat. in fact i am willing to put my life savings on it.

          I pretend to be nothing. I only am MYself speaking as myself. Yes I am fat. I am lazy. Why am I fat, because I am lazy. a VAST majority of people are fat because why?? they are lazy. it is simple fact.

          Don’t tell me oh medical this and medical that. we are fat because we eat crappy and are to lazy to work out. PERIOD!

          I have talked to a soldier and his wife as a person on my own. to inform him and her of the law and also how nasty she looks. the dude got irate, rightfully so, but guess what at least it made them think. there’s more i said to him. like ive posted before. I dont wear the uniform because i have pride in it, so should he. its his uniform and its job to respect it.

          Call me a bigot, i will will say so what!. I would rather be called a bigot a million times then to see OUR military’s image be disgraced.

          If these mil spouses honestly RESPECTED the armed forces they would understand it is NOT ok to wear the uniform. if they honestly honored their husbands they would not bring shame onto them by being 400 pounds wearing his uniform.

  42. I would add that especially for spouses stationed overseas, post commanders really won’t stand for this kind of behavior. If someone makes a complaint and it makes it to the commander, they will just EROD the offender back to the Sates, and then you and your husband will just be apart.

      • i just actually liked the page because of this blog….hahahaha I had honestly never been to it. but i went to it and agree with most of the topics discussed on it. not all but most.

        I am not out out to personally attack anyone. i simply post my observations and my thoughts. I do not think anyone should ever post a persons name, address, phone number, or even link their facebook page. but a picture or making a comment about how they think someone should not wear a spouses uniform then that is fine. that is the 1st amendment, just as you have done here on your blog. do i respect your opinion, yes i do. do we have to agree, no.

        The day and age of respect to the military uniform is over. i highly doubt that most people who make the ACU purse use fabric. im pretty sure most use a uniform and cut it up. correct? how is this respect?

        How is it respectful to look damn sloppy in a military uniform out in public when you never served a day in your life.

        Now there is a rare occasion when a mil spouse has earned that uniform by serving. Why would you feel the need to disrespect the uniform by being 400 pounds and looking like a slob in it. you should have had that instilled in you in basic. so somewhere some drill missed that point in you and you must have graduated basic at ft jackson. the land of no discipline.

        • You’re not out to personally attack anyone yet you just said to me “I bet you’re fat” (like it’s an insult or something). I have news for you, I’m not insulted that you think I might be fat. I’m not a child, and as a grown woman I know that people come in all sizes and shapes. It’s the same reason I don’t get offended when people try to insult me by calling me gay, or ugly. In the grand scheme of things, your opinion about my appearance doesn’t mean a damned thing. You are just a sad person. I feel genuinely sorry for you. You must be very, very unhappy. BTW: here’s me. I used to be fat. I lost 45 lbs since my husband met me. You see, he married a fatty because he is not a shallow piece of judgmental garbage, and I lost the weight because I wanted to be healthy and feel good and be able to enjoy life with my husband and daughter. Say what you want about my appearance. It really doesn’t matter to me.

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