It’s Saturday and I am off topic !

I am currently waiting for Charter to show up to fix this piece of crap they call Internet service. The internet service that I have had for three weeks ,and has went out at least twice a week.

In other news I just got finish experimenting with fake eyelashes, they looked pretty good , until I put my eyeglasses on and they started moving like windshield wipers across my bifocals.

I am still proud of them …here’s a picture below:


Yes I was trying to be alittle sexy...sue me!

Now who can tell me how to take these things off? I tried too already and let’s just say I might be lashless if I continue with my removal method!

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Happy Saturday!



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7 Comments on Spiders On My Eyes

  1. eye makeup remover and leave it sitting on there for a couple minutes then start to take them off starting at one corner

  2. You should look into other internet service providers. We are at Fort Gordon and we had Charter for our television and internet. Both would go out at least twice a day. In the beginning it wasn’t bad, only once a week or so, but it gets worse. We switched to AT&T internet and no cable because our only other option here is satellite (which wouldn’t work because we are in the woods).

  3. I love fake eyelashes! you can use them to just fill out, or to go all crazy. I’ve worn some pretty crazy ones in my day. I’m getting to by quite the pro.

    The best way to get them off is to use some liquid eye makup remover on a cotton ball or q-tip. Or sometime just a hot steamy shower will get them loose. If they are really sticking to your lashes, you may have used a little too much glue. :)

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