For almost two years on Army Wife 101 I have shared everything I can possibly think of about the Army life and my experience as a Army wife. Frankly I am alittle bored with the Army wife talk on a daily basis. While we all share one common bond as military spouses, we have lives , thoughts and interests outside of it. Anyone who knows me , knows I change my mind like underwear (hopefully you change yours frequently LOL). In this case I would like to utilize my plateau on Army Wife 101 to discuss not only military life, but step outside the box alittle and share my daily thoughts and happening on a more frequent basis.

With that said Army Wife 101 will still be here and discuss military life , but as I venture out into more mainstream projects and ventures, I would like to share those with you as well. I will not forget the grass roots of my blog though.

I look forward to sharing more of my life in relation to love, parenthood, entertainment, shopping, domestic tips and of course the Army Life!

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