My son on his 2nd bowl of Ramen Noodles today! So glad they only cost a few cents!

We started off the ending of school doing well. I thought I was saving on food since I didn’t have to buy all the snack and lunch stuff I do during the school year. Now we are in week 3 of the little crumb snatchers being home and I swear my food budget cannot keep up with their appetites.

I admit part of the problem is my fault we do spend alot of time at home which in my opinion is rightfully so because it is super hot and humid here in NC. You should also know that I proudly admit I am not an outdoors person. I assume that if we were on the go more food probably wouldn’t go as fast. On the other hand my son is 6 years old and eats like a pig and still manages to never gain any weight. I think it’s all the running around he does, boy do I wish I had his energy. My daughter isn’t so bad except she is a juice drinker and while she will drink her fair share of water I am going through pitchers of lemonade and juice boxes by the dozen.

I guess the point of this short post is HELP…THEY ARE EATING ME OUT OF HOUSE AND HOME!

Are your kids eating you out of house and home during the Summer?

I am curious to know does your food budget change when the kids are out of school? Do you spend more or less money?

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Krystel is the mom of two and an Army Wife. In addition to Army Wife 101 she is the Co-Founder of a digital media agency that connects brands with the military market. She has appeared on MSNBC ,FOX LA and formerly was a weekly contributor to HLN's "Raising America". She has written for various outlets including Sheknows and Lifetime and is a big fan of cupcakes and french fries.

10 Comments on Summer is Here…My Kids Are Eating Me Out of House and Home!

  1. Ramen. Such a good idea. Why didn’t I think of that? My kids went through about 4 boxes of cereal yesterday…..ramen is much cheaper!

  2. OMG, my son is 12, and he is killing my food budget. I found wrappers and food under his bed, his midnight snacks! I’m not sure what to do to save money, but going to the store 1-2 times a week just to refill the pantry is killing me!

  3. LOL! We are going through the exact same thing, down to keeping them inside because of the hot weather and bowls of Ramen! Thank goodness for Ramen! Sometimes I even through in an egg or two or depending how ambitious I am some veggies as well. So far this month I’ve bought two boxes of Twinkies (my bad, let them watch Zombieland and also eh, prob have bought a handful of boxes in their lifetimes) and three boxes of my fave cereal, Cranberry Almond Crunch.

    And what do I have to show for it? One measley Twinkie out of twenty and a bowl of cereal! My suggestion is keep their expectations low with vats of Ramen, bowls of mac and cheese (enriched with real cheese and corn, of course, generic cereal, and popsicle-fying everything. The kids did yogurt and Hawaiian punch so far with real berries mixed in :)

    Good luck to us all…

  4. OMG it feels so good to no be alone. I have been feeling like quite the failure when it comes to this Summer food thing.

    @Kelda I am pretty much at a lost too, I try to use as many coupons as possible but they are not always for the stuff I want.
    @Alma Good idea on adding eggs and veggies I never even thought to do that. I have added hotdogs though lol!

    @Lynnie Yessss…Ramen is about 17 cents a pack nobody what anyone says about them I have no problem stuffing my cart with them and when I am to lazy to do the on the stove ramen I resort to the Cup O Noodles lol!

    Thanks for reading ladies!

  5. Omg ladies thank you, I felt I was a lone. Three teenagers at home and I feel like I am at the market at least 3 times a week. Its killing me. The eat so much noodles. I go to the warehouse to see if by buying bulk it would be enough. Nope and expensive.

    Thanks for making me feel better.

  6. OMG Krystel… during the summer we literally spend MORE on food than we do on our HOUSE NOTE, which by the way with FIVE kids is not cheap itself! I’m ready for school to start back, because even though their school breakfast/lunches cost me almost $200 a month anyway since it’s $2.25 per kid per day, it’s still way better than them eating breakfast and lunch and snack and dinner HERE every day. LOL!!! My food bill goes up by at least about $300 in the summer months! And do your kids SNEAK food in between meals?! Girl mine will literally steal food from my kitchen LOL I told them they better chill out because I’m going to start locking everything that isn’t perishable in the pantry!

    • OMG Kat Preach LOL! Yes I have a horrible time with mine sneaking food and hiding the wrappers. No you are not alone in that I also Have serisouly considered putting a lock on the pantry. I can buy 2 boxes of fruit snacks and within 2 days they are gone. I totally understand your pain, it’s so good to know we are not alone :) Thanks for stopping by!

  7. i hear ya…….i have 6 kids 3 who went to school and 3 that were at home not old enough for school……but as summer is here i can’t keep food in the house and the great idea with having left overs…..there r no left overs so we r spending so much money on food now that i am trying to manage……who said that it’s to hot to eat?…..not in my house lol…..juice goes like crazy to… kids like water if it ice cold…..i hope that someone has an answer to our problem…..i haven’t found one yet other than having to keep buying so much food……

  8. Yep they do but I’ve got a trick for them! I only brought a couple snacks & when they’re gone that’s it! I didn’t by anything they can throw in the microwave except hot pockets & a family box only lasts 2 days in this house so when they’re gone they’re gone!

  9. I am looking for ideas too. Most of the solutions I have found say something like, “only make 3 meals a day and serve a snack and keep them out of the kitchen the rest of the day” Well that’s great and all, but impossible to do when they are home alone while I work 40 hours a week.

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