Forget the “fanny” not so funny fanny pack! “hipS-sister” has come up with a waistband! Who doesn’t like living life hands free and without worries? This product is a perfect unisex waistband that comes in different sizes, colors and designs. No matter where you go, hipS-sister is the way to go!


What I love about this product is that you can find most sizes. They even have a little girl size called, “Lil’ Sis/Z”!   The waistbands come in size 6-12 (little girls) all the way up to size 22.  I am one curvy girl and the fact that they have a size for me is a BIG PLUS. A lot of different products nowadays are mainly designed from size XS-L and forget about the curvy girls.

Not only does it come in different sizes but it also comes in different styles. No matter where you are heading out, this waistband is super trendy and fashionable. You can wear it over your jeans, leggings, shorts, etc. You can find different styles that match many of your outfits and casually glam up what you are wearing. HipS-Sister can even customize and add your personal design or a logo that you want.


One of favorite things to do on the weekends is play outside with my family, go shopping, and dine out. So this weekend, I decided to forget about my purse and try on my hipS-sister. And let me tell you, IT WAS AMAAAA-ZING! On the front of the waistband there is a top-loading secret pocket, perfect for my iPhone, and a zipper pull pocket that worked great to put some cash and my debit card. And on the back of the waistband, there is another zipper pull pocket where I was able to fit my car keys and lip balm.

Shopping has never been so easy! I no longer had to dig into my purse to look for my things. Before I had my hipS-sister, I had to grab my purse, dig into it, find my wallet, pull my card, then hand it to the cashier. That is just too much work and time consuming. It felt great to walk out of the store with my shopping bag and not having to carry both my purse and the bag.

After a long day of shopping, my family and friends decided to hang out and dine at our favorite restaurant. I kept my hipS-sister on. Upon arrival, I noticed how convenient the waistband was. I noticed that the waistband secured all the things I had in them. The waistband was sitting on my waist and not on my bottoms. It didn’t feel like I was carrying anything on me.

My family and I love spending time in the backyard and doing fun activities. It is usually a hustle, to run around while holding my phone on my hand. Nothing is better than to run around hands free, and not having to leave your phone in random places. But with hipS-sister, I was able to put my phone on the secret pocket, and continue enjoying my outdoor activities with my family.


Worried about what would happen if you threw them in the washer and dryer? No worries, hipS-sisters are washable friendly! And after using it this weekend I threw them in the washer and dryer and they came out perfectly!

HipS-sister not only makes life easier but they are incredibly supportive of our U.S. troops and its families. For each Camo Print hipS-Sister order, they will donate $10 to Military Outreach programs.  “HipS-sister believes that this is a “National Community”.  Military “Sisters” are Active Duty, Veterans, Spouses, Parents, etc serving within the national community. HipSsister honors these “Sisters” and the Military Service Members by donating $10 for each Camo Print hipS-sister to Military Outreach programs. Their Military Lifestyle Expert connects our Military “Sisters” & non-profit charities with support. HipsSister appreciates their sister-hood due to the sacrifices of our Service Members and their families”.

Purchase HipS-sister here.


10155848_10152111430292469_825290426998637922_nAlé is a Latina Army Wife from Texas, who currently Pcs’ed to Fort Bragg, NC from Germany. She is mommy of 3 yr old, Sophia and wife to, Troy.  She earned a college degree in TV and Radio Broadcasting/Journalism.  While and after earning
her degree, she had the opportunity to work at: Radio stations, TV stations, an elementary school and CDC.  Given these opportunities it has allowed her to explore, learn different cultures and backgrounds.  In her spare time, she enjoys: reading, dancing, traveling, watching movies, homeschooling Sophia (before she starts PREK), and spending quality time with Troy.  



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