For those of us in military housing, we have little idea of what happened with previous tenants. Was there a water leak that wasn’t treated correctly? Were damp rooms properly ventilated? Why does the carpet have a musty smell?

The culprit could be an abundance of household mold.

Mold is natural and can be found everywhere, both indoors and out. It can enter your home through doorways, windows and vents, and will grow in places of high moisture, such as leaks or flooded areas. When there is abundance of mold in your home though, it can adversely affect the health of you and your loved ones.


Mold and Your Health

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) mold website links an abundance of mold to certain health problems. Whether you have diagnosed respiratory conditions or are otherwise healthy, mold is linked to:

  • Coughing
  • Eye irritation
  • Fever
  • Increased asthma symptoms
  • Increased risk for fungal infections in the lungs
  • Nasal stuffiness
  • Shortness of breath
  • Skin irritation
  • Upper respiratory tract symptoms
  • Wheezing

How can you find out if mold is quietly growing and harming your family?

DIY Mold Testing

Professional mold testing can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars, which doesn’t always fit comfortably into a military budget. MyMoldDetective® offers a DIY option that is simple and affordable. They offer a complete mold solution to every property across the country, and are proud to offer AW101 readers a 10% coupon code. Use the promo code ARMY for your special military savings.

Here is how MyMoldDetective®  works:

  1. Your test kit includes a low volume pump, air cassettes, surface sample tapes, a pre-paid envelope and instructions.
  2. You collect an outdoor air sample (control group) and indoor sample(s) where mold is suspected.
  3. You then register your samples online at, follow easy steps, and pay sample fees.
  4. Mail in your samples with the self-addressed postage paid envelope.
  5. MyMoldDetective® will email your detailed lab report and follow-up recommendations, if applicable.

14203579_10154533705979031_1301170214_oIn addition to being fast, affordable and reliable, MyMoldDetective® will provide your military family with a friendly support system and national network of prescreened, certified and insured Indoor Air Quality experts.

I put MyMoldDetective® to work in my base housing, and found it to be a fast and simple process. I took an outdoor control sample and a second in my master bath to investigate the constant musty odor present in that room. I followed the above steps and within a week received an email with easy-to-read results. The good news? The Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Department reported that spore counts were normal. There was a recommendation based on my property’s history of musty odors that an evaluation by an IAQ specialist be conducted. It was better than expected! Do you wonder about your house?

About MyMoldDetective®

Committed to improving and evolving the Indoor Air Quality Industry, MyMoldDetective® teamed up with experts in microbiology and engineering to develop and manufacture a unique, validated and patented DIY mold test kit. MyMoldDetective® provides clients with a fast, affordable and reliable method to screen homes and businesses for “Black Mold,” and all hazardous mold conditions. To learn more, please visit

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This is a sponsored post on behalf of MyMoldDetective. All thoughts and opinions are my own.



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