Mr. ArmyWife101 in his truck shaving!

Winner Matthew Amber Cole

I’ve done posts before on shaving because it is mandatory in the military. The reason I have written about them here is because most of the time we (the wives) get stuck with purchasing the razors or better yet trying to find coupons to save on them because they can be costly.

Recently the people at Phillips gave my hubby the chance to try out the new Norelco Senso Touch 3D 1290x. My husband is on the road all the time, so shaving the traditional way and buying a million and one razors is not what works for him.

Key Things My Husband Loves About His New Razor

1. Currently my husband hasn’t charged his shaver in 2 weeks and he shaves once a day. The shaver also tells you how much battery you have left in the form of minutes.

2. He loves the dry/wet option because it allows him to still use shaving cream and get a close shave as if he was using a razor. In addition if he doesn’t enough time the dry option still gave him that close shave in the least amount of time possible.

3. The precision trimmer easily allowed him to shape his goatee right in the drivers seat of his truck.

4. He says he wishes he had this for those days when he was running late for PT and needed to shave. He recommends it for soldiers because it will give you that regulation clean cut without using a razor.

5. Easy cleaning is one of the last reasons hubby loved this. He stated he can simply open it up and run water on it to clean it out. Easy peezy!

6. Finally he loved the carrying case which had room for the shaver, cord, and the charger and is small enough to fit in his glove compartment.

While I (Krystel) can’t use the shaver I think it makes an excellent care package gift simply because of it’s convenience.

The SensoTouch 3D 1290x retails for $279.99 and while that may seem pricey, you pay more then that for razors in a year!

You can learn more about the SensoTouch Shavers at


Of course the people at Phillips couldn’t let one lucky reader leave without one of these to give or send to her man in uniform.

(1) winner will receive the Phillips SensoTouch 3D 1250 ($199.99+)

Simply leave a comment below telling us how many razors your service member goes through in a month?

Giveaway ends 12/16/12 at 12AM EST.

Winner will be selected via

Disclosure: My husband received a Phillips Norelco Shaver on behalf of Army Wife 101 to facilitate this review. All opinions are honest and our own. No other form of compensation was received.




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Krystel is the mom of two and an Army Wife. In addition to Army Wife 101 she is the Co-Founder of a digital media agency that connects brands with the military market. She has appeared on MSNBC ,FOX LA and formerly was a weekly contributor to HLN's "Raising America". She has written for various outlets including Sheknows and Lifetime and is a big fan of cupcakes and french fries.

207 Comments on *Closed*The New Must Have Shaver For Military Guys…Plus Giveaway!

  1. I don’t think more than 4 a month I actually signed him up for the dollar shave club you recommended a while back & he loves them!

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  2. I’d estimate my husband goes through 15 razors or so each month, although I’ve lost count now that he is deployed. Between hair cuts and shaving, my husband is expensive! :) I’m sure we spend more on his grooming than we do mine!

  3. My husband goes thru about 8 a month. Can’t believe the prices on the razor heads! Over 30$ for 6 razors is crazy now a days! This razor would be a perfect gift for him for the holidays!

    • My husband goes through about Ten razors a month if not more. He only uses the razor a few times before throwing them out. He was just telling me how a nice electric razor would be nice and save us money.

  4. Oh MY where should I start.. the last 3 electric ones I have bought him over the last 2 years are all trashed..they all went on deployment with him.. the last one died about 2 months ago.. now we are doing disposable till I can find a better one for him. We go through a razor every other day so.. 15+ a month @ $6. for 4 so that is almost $30 a month on just razors..yep, its expensive however, it costs to look as good as these guys do! Just saying!!!

  5. My husband went to the old timey razor that has the real blade and a shaving brush with shaving soap because it’s cheaper. I would love for him to have a nice electric razor! Keep up the good work armywife101

  6. My husband usually changes his razor head about once a week, so he probably goes through about 4 or 5 per month. And those things are crazy expensive! He’s deploying soon, I’d love to get this and send it to him in a surprise care package! I think he’d love it!

  7. My husband goes through about 4-7 razors a month, simply because he’s too cheap to buy the nicer ones! I try to buy him some whenever I find coupons, as a nice surprise.. This would be an even better surprise to give him! :)

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  8. Oh gosh…my husband goes through at least 2 razor cartridges a week, we buy the Gillette Fusion Power ones & they are not cheap! I wish I could get him one for Christmas this year but they’re pricey. Thanks for offering the giveaway! :-)

  9. It wouldn’t hurt for my husband to shave twice a day. He tries to use each razor as long as possible because they are so expensive.

  10. Mine goes through one package of the Gillette Fusion razor refills a month, $14 each refill quickly adds up in one year.

  11. We buy the mega pack if razors from Sam’s and that will last my husband about 2.5 – 3 months. I’d love for him to try an electric razor! Might cut down on his razor and shaving cream bill!

  12. My husband goes through about 4 or. 5 Gillette blades a month, and they are so expensive. I was thinking of buying him an electrical one because he has sensitive skin

  13. Too many! He sometimes has to shave twice a day because he has such thick facial hair that grows back by noon. He goes through 4 of those 5 blade gillettes a month and then he also uses the cheap bic ones sometimes

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  14. I’d say easily 5 a month! Yesterday my husband came home with the beginnings of a mustache – his story was he got up late and shaved what he could get away with! Lol… Made me chuckle!!

  15. My husbands seems to go through razors like crazy! Seems like he’s always asking for razors when I send a care-package to him!

  16. My husband does the opposite of going through many razors each month, he actually holds on to them until they’re so dull they don’t work. We’re finally together again, after he finished AIT, so ill be monitoring his razors. Poor thing.

  17. Honesty I got no clue on how many he is using but I know he would love this especially with his sensitive skin and it would safe a lot of money for our whole family!

  18. I am not going to lie my husband has sensitive skin. He shave’s everyday before work and will have the 5 o clock shadow going on around lunch time lol.We go threw so many razors due to this! We spend 80 a month when not deployed! When he is deployed its over a 100 due to his skin! This would save us a lot of money and help him cut back on razors because he has to have the $9.99 ones that are not cheep!

  19. Without fail I buy an eight pack of Gillette razor heads and my husband uses them each month. I wish his skin wasn’t as sensitive as it is so I could buy the cheap ones, but it’s not worth the razor burn.

  20. My husband uses a lot of razors since he shaves his face and head. He uses 1 blade every week, so that’s 52 blades a year!!

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  21. Oh gosh, my husband goes through atleast 1 razor a week. He has crazy thick facial hair, and I’m surprised he hasn’t had a commander send him home with his ‘5 o’clock shadow’ at 11am. Ha!

  22. My husband use’s and electric razor, and then still has to use the good out old school razors. He goes through a pack of 10 in a month. And still comes home at the end of the looking like he needs to shave again.

  23. My husband goes through at least 10 Mach razors each month. He shaves and has the 5 o’clock shadow within minutes, lol.

  24. I would say my husband goes through an 8pk of gillette fusion heads every month…that’s $30 each month on disposables…what a waste! He would love something like this!

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