Took a drive to run some errands today and thought I would take you along with me on the ride. I love sunny Saturday mornings in North Carolina.


Do you love a nice peaceful drive?




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2 Comments on Why I Won’t Move Back To NY…Saturday Morning Drive In The South (Video)

  1. Very nice, Krystal. I agree with you- I grew up in Chicago but lovelovelove the sweet country roads of Virginia.

    I was thinking how pretty this road must be in the Fall but that’s the Northerner in me, because I’m not sure your part of the country has Fall like we knew it growing up. If you do get Fall, it would be nice to see this same stretch of pretty little road in all four seasons.

    But when it gets icy, please use some sort of dashboard mount for your video. You’ll need both hands on the wheel for that one. :-)

  2. Girl I love my nice drives down our country roads and mountains. My favorite part of the year is Fall. It’s soooo pretty and I hate winter LOL cause those roads are the first to be closed and forgot about if we get ice or snow

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