I made a run to the mall today do some blog stuff and of course I wind up at Bath and Body Works. They have a amazing candle sale and wall plugin in sale happening so I just had to share in a small short video haul.


In addition I made a run to Sephora and as mentioned in the video , the customer associate ( an Army Wife…Hi Brittany) showed me this cool new nail product that just came out called “Ciate”. I shared a little about it in the video but here are some pictures to go with it. I can’t wait to get the whole set which retails for $29.

Happy Shopping this weekend!



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2 Comments on Frugal Friday: Candle Addicts Unite…My Small Haul From Bath in Body Works Outside of Fort Bragg, NC! Shopping For Gifts Watch This!

  1. Those are cool. I have never seen them before and I have to try them. I particularly love the multi colored ones which look a little like sprinkles. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I want to try that new nail polish! I’ve seen it here & there, it turns out so pretty. & I’m jealous of all the candles & plug-ins you got! I could go buy some but I’m taking it easy on the extra spending for a bit. :-/

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