The holidays are coming and money is tighter then tight for alot of people. Layaway has always been a great choice , because it’s not like a credit card, you can easily cancel and it gives you a chance to actually come up with the cash you need for the purchase of your choice.

I know that Walmart hurt alot of people when they stopped layaways , but for those that don’t know there are a few places that still offer it. I thought I would share some of my finds .

1. Toysrus- is now offering layaway but on specific items. I would recommend this layaway if you are looking to purchase big ticket items such as Powered ride on vehicles, bikes ,trampolines etc. Read their Layaway Policies to learn more.

2. Sears- offers layaway as well . The great thing is that you can actually do your layaway online and make payments online too. Now I will admit when Sears and Kmart started their layaway online last year , it had quite a few glitches. I am hoping that a year later all the kinks have been worked out. Learn more about Sears Layaway.
3. Kmart- Is also owned by Sears and you can put items on layaway online as well. You can learn more about the layaway for Kmart here.
4. E-layaway- A friend of mine recommended this site. I came across it last Christmas but didn’t look further into it. You might want to check it out at What I can tell you is that they have many different companies on their site including Apple, Carnival Cruises, Best Buy and more.
5. AAFES- Last but not least I am pretty sure you already know this, but if you don’t now you do . The PX offers layaway. Simply visit your local PX grab a cart , pick out the items you want to layaway and then visit the customer service desk where they will get you set up. The dates you have to make payments will be listed on your receipt along with your balance owed and next payment amount that is due.
6. Just got a tip from another great wife that Best Buy offers layaway check it out here. *Select stores only*
PSSST …Don’t forget to keep checking back to sign up for the Sears Heroes at Home Wish Registry.
I know not everyone will use layaway but this is nothing more then a quick guide should you decide to utilize it.
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