I recently received quite a few messages and emails about the FB post below:

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Carmike Cinemas ( the woman in question’s now former place of employment) has since fired Meagan May from her newly promoted position as a manager and released the following statement on their Facebook page:

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Of course her rant somehow managed to go viral (and got more attention then it deserved) causing her to receive everything from death threats, threatening her child, to random people calling her job which apparently worked since she was fired.

A few years ago I probably would have lit this woman a new arse hole and would have been pretty pissed. I wouldn’t go as far as others but I certainly would have talked my fair share of trash. However, in recent years I have become more of a realist and I’ve started to ask myself the question are we military spouses (ill focus on us since this is a military spouse blog) contradicting ourselves when we say” My husbands fights for you to have that right” but yet when someone uses free speech directed at the military we become enraged?

Am I mad at the woman in question? No! Do I think she is ignorant? Yes I believe she is ignorant and misinformed but causing someone to lose their job is a bit over kill for me. Why are so many going as far as making death threats? You already have people calling military personnel murderers, but yet we feed right in with violence.

I think some of  us members of the military community might need to start accepting that not everyone is a hardcore patriot and not everyone supports the military. I cringe typing that because I can’t imagine anyone not wanting to support people who give their lives both mentally and physically, even if they don’t support the reason we are overseas. It’s obvious they exist just click here to see what happen to Retired Army General David Petraeus as he walked to his new job as a professor at CUNY college a week or so ago. He was verbally attacked and heckled.

Side note: This is proof we need to watch everything we say on social media!

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10 Comments on Women Fired For Anti- Military Comments Made on Facebook…Did The Military Community Go To Far Or Did She?

  1. Here’s the thing, if her post was public, her employer could have found it on their own and they could have fired her anyway. This is why you need to make sure you A: watch what you say online and B: make your profile as private as possible. I would put anything on my Facebook that I wouldn’t want an employer to see. Do I think people should have made threats against her and her family? Of course not, that’s absurd. Nobody should be threatened because of their opinions or views no matter if they are ignorant or uneducated. This just goes to show that you need to be careful of what you say on the internet.
    (I do find her post annoying and ignorant.)

  2. The girl is ignorant, I’m glad she was fired but DEATH THREATS?! Are you kidding me, come on guys I thought you were classier than that! I remember years back at the Houston Rodeo when they did the salute to our troops and national anthem, a group of four people right in front of us refused to stand up and one of them said it was their way of protesting the war. I wanted to slap the stupid right out of them but my wise dad told me that was the very right our soldiers fight for, since then I just write those types off and move on with my life. Oh and the Patraeus video was awful, I felt so bad for him. At least he handled it with grace and dignity.

  3. I am stationed in Kansas and Manhattan is the town we go to for shopping. Honestly, I could care less what she thinks about the military; that is her right to voice her ignorant opinion. What bothered me is her comment “get a real job” Seriously? What does she think our military does? We have men and women overseas sleeping on the floor going on missions with lack of sleep in either extreme heat or cold weather and let’s not forget all the added weight they have to be walking around with.
    She really thinks that’s not a real job? I think she is getting too much attention and she is basking in the online fame. So she lost her job, based on her Facebook page she shouldn’t have a problem finding a “real job.”

  4. Where would we be if service members didn’t voluntarily enlist? She is lucky she lives in a country where people are willing to sacrifice their time and lives for her freedom to verbally express her opinion. And the fact that she is annoyed for spouses asking for a military discount is a little neurotic . I’m sure she’d willing take any discounts or perks her company would have offered. Nonetheless, this is a “free” country and she definitely doesn’t deserve to be harassed . I’m not even sure she deserves to be fired. I do think its sad that we live in a world in which people have such little respect for one another.

  5. I am an Army Wife and this is just my opinion. Our men and women fought for her right to have her opinion and to express it… Should she say the things she said without knowing all the facts. No… But, she should not have lost her job or b receiving any kinds of death threats over this…. We (as a community) should b so much more than she. We should find a way to get her her job back. Who is it hurting that she doesn’t have her job? Her child that’s who. Every action has a reaction and if we react differently maybe she will see us in a hole new light. Right now she sees us as an enemy and we are not doing anything to change it…..

    • Yeah right, we should help her get her job back. She was fired because of her own choice to target people in an attempt to hurt them. She has never held a job for more than a few months in her life. She was likely a crappy employee anyways. Read the comments from Facebook users above, one of them was treated very rudely by her, while she was at work, because the user’s mother asked if they had a military discount. If she can’t be unbiased at work because she’s so damn mad about a military man knocking her up and leaving her crazy ass, then she shouldn’t be working where she is going to deal with military personnel. She needs to get a life and a real job, on her OWN.

  6. You just can’t fix stupid. No matter what people do or say there will always be those few people who will open their mouths and let stupid remarks fall out. I for one am proud and thankful to all those men and women who chose to fight for our right to live how we do. Stupid people included.

  7. Well said… I for one am proud of our men and women that serve. Unfortunelty fighting for the rights of the citizens does not dismiss the people like this. One day she will realize what a foolish thing she did.

  8. I am currently sevring as active duty Army, and I believe she has every right to state her opinion, whether I agree with it or not. But at the same time you can not be mad at her place of employment, due to the fact that it is located in a high military population area, a large portion of business would be risked if they had kept her on staff.

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