It sucks we don’t have a Costco in the Fort Bragg area or else I would be all over this offer. Either way I couldn’t resist not sharing this information with you. I am not quite sure what the savings is on but saving is saving!

The good people at Sheer ID sent me this awesome tidbit of information below:

Costco National Membership Programs is offering military families a special offer to join as a new Costco member.

Starting Wednesday, December 5th, veterans, active duty military, or their immediate family members who join Costco via will receive a special offer valued at more than $50 as a thank-you for their service.

Simply go to, validate your military status and then access and print this special offer.

Please note: This offer is only available via



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17 Comments on Woot Woot…New Exclusive Military Offer From SheerID & Costco

  1. I worked for Costco for over five years. With high pay, 401k, health and dental coverage, it is definitely one of the top companies to work for. The warehouse here in El Paso donate often and are actively involved in the Fort Bliss community.

  2. We just moved to Carson. My husband had to explain to me what a Costco was! We don’t have many in the deep south. Pretty pumped! I loved Sams club so we may look into this.

  3. I LOVE Costco and was bummed that we dont have one when I moved here. The closest one is Durham I think and who really wants to drive 1.5-2 hours?

  4. I’ve always wanted to join Costco… But do we have one around Fort Campbell?? I’m a Sams Club member Im totally open to something new lol…

    • Hi Sabrina, I’m from SheerID and just wanted to reach out and make sure the verification process was working for you. You should receive something fairly quickly once you enter the verification process. So please let me know if you haven’t.

      And thank you again to ArmyWife101 for passing this information along. Really appreciate it!

        • Thanks for the further information, Sabrina. You should have heard back almost immediately, I just checked and verifications are going through successfully. So it may be something unique I can help with. Can you send me a quick email at so I can gather a bit more info? I want to make sure we get you through the verification process.

  5. that is great i have always wanted to join costco! but now where we live there is not one around, so maybe our next duty station we will have one. thanks for sharing

  6. There is no actual “savings.” A basic Costco membership is $50/year. You’re still going to have to pay the full price, you’ll just receive a gift from SheerID valued at $50. Still a nice incentive, but folks might be misled by the term ‘savings.’

    • Hi Jenna Kay,

      I’m from SheerID and I just wanted to make sure to respond to your comment. SheerID only provides the verification services to ensure the military community – active duty, vets, retired, and military families, are the only ones able to redeem the special offer. We are not involved in the offer other than the verification piece. We are, however, very excited to be able to share this offer with the military community.

      Feel free to contact me if you have any further questions.

  7. I browsed over the page but I couldn’t get it to work. Maybe it’s because I’m I a mobile device. I dunno. Anyway, I don’t really see the point in going through the trouble to get verified when I can just present my ID card in person. Why won’t Costco just let me do that?

  8. We just got a Costco in my area!! I was excited about it for 2 reasons: savings & they hired my husband! After he got out of the Marine Corps a few months back finding work has been so hard. Thankful for Costco!

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