As some of you may know I am a work at home mom. I started working from home in 2004 first as a dispatcher and then as a customer service agent for WEST taking inbound phone calls to process customer orders. I loved the idea that I could work from home when I wanted and (NO) I did not have to pay to get hired.

What people must know is that when you are seeking a work at home JOB you should never ever have to pay to work. Think about it like this…when you work outside the home do you have to pay someone to hire you?

Those envelope stuffing jobs you see in the back of magazines or tabloids are not legit. If they were don’t you think everyone including myself would be working for them :) I decided to discuss working from home again so that I could give you all an update on some work at home jobs that are hiring. I have always said I should start a virtual work at home agency as I have been helping people find WAH jobs for the last five years and I enjoy showing this side of the work world to people.

If you want to see my previous indepth blog post about working from home along with actual proof of payment screenshots visit here

Now on to the finds:

Note* The jobs listed below will definitely not pay your mortgage but I can safely assure you that getting a $20-$50 check here or there in this tough economy will come in handy. If you are looking to make a few hundred or more a month refer above to my earlier indepth blog post.

KGB is first up and if you not new to the WAH world I am sure you have heard of it , but for those who are you basically answer people’s questions and do directory assistance via the computer . This is not a phone job. I have to tell you in order to obtain this position you do have to pass a series of test searching for info on the net within a time limit and I have had a heck of time doing that. I will say they are partners in the “Army Spouse Employment Partnership” and I have heard great things about them. You can apply here.

Associated Content is great for those of us with an inner writer inside. In a nutshell you create an account , write an article on anything you desire and submit it. The topic of your article, grammar,and punctuation will determine how much you paid for it. I pinned a a four page article that took me about an hour to write and was paid $16.00 for it, so you can see the money potential. If you’ve got an article and want to try your hand at submitting it visit here.

Lastly is Ask Mars Venus is hiring again…here is the info as per WAHM
Ask Mars Venus is hiring telephone coaches to add to our team of dating and relationship specialists. Coaches help callers from all over the world who are seeking support and advice about their love lives.

Coaches receive calls anonymously at the location of their choice and Ask Mars Venus brings clients directly to the coaches through various marketing methods. There is no charge for training and no payment to you during the training process. Once training is complete, coaches will enjoy the convenience of a work-from-home job.
If you are interested in this position, please visit: here

If you have questions about working from home don’t hesitate to post them in the comments below and I will be sure to answer. I also plan to add work at home jobs that are legit as I find them. Good luck on your WAH job search.

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