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So I’m sure that some of us have heard alittle gabble here and there about the New GI Bill that can be transferred to dependants (spouses and children).

Now ladies part of my mission statement for this blog is that I will always be truthful with you … So the truth is their are still many parts of this bill that I don’t understand or am not sure of and it would go against everything I know to give you false info. Anyhow I did just want to put the info out there because I know alot of us are in school or plan on entering and as we all know money is always a factor.

The new bill goes into effect August 1, 2009 and with everything there are eligibility requirements.

If anyone who reads Armywife101 is more familiar with it please feel free to leave a comment explaining it more in depth.

In the meantime here is the Official GI Bill Site

Another Article that explains the GI Transfer Options.

Until then

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