Q. This is off subject of military but I was curious if you knew of any stay at home jobs with a decent pay?
If so please let me know. I was working but my paycheck was going to day care so it really wasn’t worth it, but I’d love to bring in some extra cash and spend time with my daughter. Thanks so much!!

A. Stephanie this is a great question and it absolutely relates to Army Wife 101 because many of us are always looking for something we can do from home to earn extra cash. I won’t bore you or the readers with a long drawn out post about working form home. I will post the links to the last two blog entries I wrote about this topic which includes links to many positions that can be done from home.

Part 1: Working from Home

Part 2: Working from Home

Best of Luck!



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    Thanks and best wishes!
    Laurie Ann
    Proud Army Mom to SSG Matlock, 101st ABN, deployed to Afganistan

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