It happens alot…we arrive at our new duty station only to find out from the housing office that the housing list is a six month wait or possibly even a year. You now need to locate housing offpost in a area suitable to your needs, learn how to do it with the quick PCS tip in the video below:



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  1. need help finding a house near schofield barracks. my husband is a captain so i will be looking for rent near 2300-3000/month. we have a dog so would need a fenced in yard and needs to be within 15 miles from base near a safe, quiet neighborhood, thx

    • Yvette you would want to check into the Mililani area. You can use the Army Referral Housing Network Site or …Mililani is a very nice town and very close to Schofield. You can also look into Kapolei and Waikele.

  2. Hi
    Me and my husband and son are getting ready to pcs to hawaii in jan we are station in germany right now I was wondering where on post is it a good place to stay my hubby is a medic so he is going to be working at tripler so we need somewhere that is close by there and does anyone know how long it takes for the cars and household goods to be shipped need the help.


  3. My son will be stationed in schofield barracks in January, 2013. He is a 2nd Lieutenant and single. He said he would like to live off base. He does not have any furniture so he was thinking of trying to find a furnished condo/apartment. Does anyone have any suggestions. If he does find an apartment that is not furnished, where can he buy furniture at a reasonable price? What area are safer than others to live also?

  4. Me and my Wife will be PCSING to Hawaii in March she will be working @ FT Shafter and I will be working on Schofield and I was wondering where could we live that splits Scofield and Shafter?

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