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Victories For Veterans: My Dad’s Story

The year was 1971. Richard Nixon was in the White House. In homes, televisions portrayed the tragically graphic scenes of the Vietnam War, which had been raging on for 16 years beginning with American military advisors and continuing with combat…

Milspouses Who Served I Was a Marine

Milspouses Who Served: I Was a Marine

Not all women marry into the military — some enlist in it. Across the country, brave women answer the call of duty and make the choice to serve our country. It is safe to say that some aspects of their…

What Your Base and Love Life Have in Common

What Your Base and Love Life Have in Common

Sometimes it’s a match and sometimes you’re just not that into it. If you think I’m talking about relationships, well, in a way, I am. I’m talking about your relationships with military bases from your past, present and future. It’s…