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Celebrate Your Mom with 1800 Flowers

She carried you, played with you, read you stories, held your hand and sang to you. She has always made you feel confident, safe and loved, and shares in both your laughter and your tears. This incredible woman is strong,…

10 Reasons You Want Close Milspouse Friends Now

10 Reasons You Want Close Milspouse Friends Now

When it’s time to make new friends, you put your best foot forward, are incredibly polite, and are hopeful that you’ll find your friendship match. Although this phase is exciting and full of promise, it’s exhausting. At some point, you just…


Milspouse Confessions: My Child Has Special Needs

After nine long months you finally meet your baby and are overwhelmed with love that only a parent can understand. The last thing you want to hear is that something is “different” about your child.   I spoke with an…