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When Mom Is The Teacher: Military Families Who Homeschool

For some military families, the first day of school doesn’t involve catching a bus and meeting a new teacher – it happens right at home.  As homeschooling gains popularity in the US, more and more military families are embracing this educational…


6 Portable Careers For Military Spouses

The other day I shared a post in which I said ” Supporting your spouse’s dream doesn’t make your dreams optional”. This simply means that at some point in your life don’t forget to pursue goals and endeavors that are…


10 Ways To Get Your “Fit” On During A PCS Move

What’s the first thing to go when you PCS? Donations? Household goods? Your car? If you’re like me, the answer to that question is your health and fitness. Stress takes over, you stop hitting the gym, you turn to junk,…