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In elementary school, I had a music teacher who loved sharing song, dance and creativity with her students. Her class was always a favorite as it was filled with fun, encouragement and positive energy. Even the children who didn’t feel successful in their core studies would light up and find confidence when she’d sing a playful song, ask them to express their feelings through dance, or show them how to play an instrument for the first time. She found ways to reach her students, and knew every single one by name. I watched her prep before class, make lesson plans at home, and be greeted as a celebrity each time we were out and about. How? My elementary music teacher was also my mom. Today she presents my children — her grandchildren — with the same love of and enthusiasm for music. She has had an impact on thousands of children, many whom are now adults, and it’s all because she gave of herself.

As an adult, I truly admire my mother as a teacher, a leader, and as someone who inspired myself and countless others to be proud of who we are. Her lessons in the classroom and at home helped me become who I am today– a writer who expresses herself through the written word.

Not all children are as fortunate as I was. Of the 16 million kids growing up in poverty in the U.S., only one in three will graduate from high school and just 18 percent of those kids will enter a four-year college.

Every child deserves a chance, a champion, someone to help inspire them and offer the brightest of futures. If you have ever considered reaching out, giving back, and shaping tomorrow’s future, Teach For America is looking for passionate individuals like yourself.


Teach and Be Taught

There is something incredible about teaching a new skill or sharing information, and seeing your student’s face light up because it “clicks.” Imagine doing that every day and knowing that you’re introducing a student to something that may impact their future decisions, college prospects, career and overall life trajectory. For over 25 years, Teach For America has worked to increase the odds of children growing up in poverty. Over 25 years, Teach For America alumni have led more than 1,000 schools and school systems. TFA teachers and alumni reach more than 5 million children!

For over 25 years, Teach For America has worked to increase the odds of children growing up in poverty. They recruit remarkable and diverse individuals to become teachers in low-income communities across the country. These teachers are known as “corps members” and commit to teaching for two years in a partner public school across the country.


Inspire Tomorrow with Teach For America

Teach For America is an opportunity with limitless potential and immeasurable rewards. If you’re considering a career with true impact on society, here is what you need to know about their program:

  • If you are a military veteran or spouse, they are actively recruiting you. They are interested in  high achieving, diverse individuals from all career backgrounds and majors.
  • Teach For America will handle your training and placement as a teacher in one of 52 regions around the country. Once placed, you will receive ongoing coaching support.
  • The Teach For America opportunity provides you with leadership and skill development while you help put students on a new life trajectory.
  • Alumni from Teach For America hold various roles in education, leadership, nonprofits, politics and more. Together they reach more than 5 million children in more than 1,000 schools and school systems.

Play a Role in Educational Equity

If you are ready to go to the head of the class and help students receive an excellent education regardless of their zip code, you should consider Teach For America and read about their service legacy. Click here to learn more about teaching, and be sure to take a look at their Military Veterans Initiative.



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