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Show of hands — are you one of the 65% of military families making a PCS move this year between May and August? As much as we want to say, “Woo hoo! Congratulations on your new adventure!” we also recognize that it’s not that simple. Even though relocating can be exciting, we know that it comes with a hefty emotional price tag that is both stressful and draining. If you feel like this, you’re not alone!

At Army Wife 101, we’ve been there. We pride ourselves on maintaining a positive outlook and providing actionable solutions to make your military life journey run as smoothly as possible. Our lifestyle is already unpredictable as it is, so why not eliminate some stress and add more comfort?

When Cramped Quarters Won’t Cut It

This year has been an unusual one, and more families found themselves homebound with each other for months on end, than ever before. No matter how much you love your spouse or your children, too much togetherness can really test relationships. (Even as I write this, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that my child doesn’t come in with a math question for virtual school…)

But, back to PCSing!

Now envision that after all you’ve survived this year, you’re now stuck together in a smaller space! That’s right, you’re in a hotel room, waiting for housing at your next duty station. Perhaps you’re temporarily without a vehicle, or you’re keeping to yourselves because of Covid. Either way, this means you aren’t exploring as much as you would have in other PCS seasons. You’re wearing the same clothes again and again, dreading visiting  the hotel laundry room yet again. You’re all sharing one little TV, and if you have to hear that same YouTube video on repeat from your child’s tablet, you’re going to lose it.

Do you know what this moment needs? Space. Independence. Freedom. Breathing room. 

You Need a Haven

Over the past six months, more than 50 military personnel across the U.S. have already discovered a secret, and we’re going to share it with you. When seeking longer-term accommodations near bases or training sites, they turned to the same source to secure fully furnished homes that fell within their allotted per diems — corporate housing expert Travelers Haven

What’s Travelers Haven? They are move-in ready, 100% customizable housing solution with large living spaces for military families who are temporarily relocating for a PCS, training, or other government project. 

Ooh — sounds like we just made your PCS sound more exciting! Let’s delve into some of the fabulous details you need to know:

    • Full size, baby! If you’ve watched videos on how to cook with an iron in a hotel room, or if you’re trying to save up quarters for the laundromat, consider those non-issues! Travelers Haven offers full-size kitchens, full-size living areas, AND a washer and dryer!
    • Tell us how you like it. Feel spoiled while you customize your temporary living space with your choice of furnishings, housewares, mattress size, and even TV dimensions! What? Is this a PCS or a vacation?
    • Flexible leases because, well, the military. Travelers Haven offers agreements from as little as 30 days to up to more than a year. This is perfect for military families whose plans might change, because so often they do.
    • All-inclusive because we’ve got too many other things going on. You know the drill — every time you PCS, you have to contact a million different numbers just to get your services hooked up. Ahh…Travelers Haven already thought of that. They offer one all-inclusive monthly bill for rent, furniture, cable, internet, and utilities for easy payment and expenses. There are no hidden charges or surprises.
    • They’re everywhere YOU want to be, um, where the MILITARY wants you to be. With thousands upon thousands of properties, Travelers Haven is available in any location across the U.S., and is convenient to bases, schools, and more.
    • The price is right. We know you’re wondering, so we’re excited to share that their rates are equal to or under the approved per diem rates in over 98% of markets.
    • They’re ready for you. Many of us get orders and have to act quickly. Travelers Haven is able to accommodate military families with fast turnaround and move-in ready properties to make everything easier for you.

Travelers Haven Is Your PCS Hack

Imagine now, your on-base housing is finally a go, and you arrive refreshed and ready to bloom where you’re planted! You and your family are on good terms, you’ve enjoyed room to stretch out, and you’ve benefited from all the comforts of Travelers Haven. (You may even be a little sad to leave your temporary accommodations, who knows?) You then meet your neighbors, a family who has been cramped together in a hotel for a month. Perhaps you  should invite the spouse over for a coffee and let her in on your little secret for her next PCS? For more on Travelers Haven, please click here.




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