Just because your soldier is deployed or your family is stationed overseas doesn’t stop birthdays, anniversaries and other important holidays. When those holidays come around you may want to send them something sweet or your family may be craving a taste of home. But, we all know that sending baked goods isn’t as easy as throwing regular items in a care package.


Homemade baked goods have to be carefully wrapped and packaged so as not to destroy them or have them spoil. Luckily for you there are companies who will send the hubby a wifey a cake or something sweet with the swipe of your card, and we found them for you.

Check out these retailers who send baked good to military overseas:


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Not only offers a selection of Patriotic Gifts but they also offer FREE APO/FPO shipping. In addition they offer a selection of APO/FPO shipping friendly gifts that won’t melt or fall apart during the trip over.

Bake Me A Wish

Image Credit: Bake A Wish
Image Credit: Bake A Wish

Bake Me A Wish also offers a special selection of shipping friendly goods. Some of their selection includes cookies and cream brownie cake, coffee cakes, and much more. They tell you they don’t send items with frosting due to the possible delay in arrival times. That being said their yummy selection of treats won’t stop you from ordering. Check out their selections here.

ButterMaid Bakery


Offers several APO/FPO selections including a Military Cookie Care Package, Pecan Tart Caramel Cups, Chocolate Chip Cookies and tons of iced sugar cookies. They even offer a $5 coupon to use on your order. View their APO/FPO friendly selections here.

Harry and David

Offers a selection of APO/FPO friendly treats. Their choices are different as they offer a combination of savory and sweet. Items include relishes, crackers, popcorn, salty treat and much more. They also offer a 15% military discount that can be used in store or online. View their collection of goods here.

My Grandma’s Of New England

My husband put me on to these coffee cakes years ago because they were being sent to his unit when deployed. They sell them in the commissary for about $9, but you can ship them to APO/FPO for just $2 in shipping if you order offline. They are buttery and amazing for the holidays. Details here.

Wicked Good Cupcakes– No longer ships to APO/FPO.

If this brand sounds familiar it’s because you may have seen them on “Shark Tank”. Their cupcakes are packed in jars along with their other amazing selection of sweet treats. They also offer 10% off APO/FPO orders and ship overseas. Details  on how to place a military order here.

River Street Sweets

As a former resident of Savannah, Georgia I would be remiss to not mention River Street Sweets. I frequently visited downtown and hung on River Street and enjoyed visiting their ice cream and candy shops.The website offers tons of options including Pecan Pie, Pralines and coconut cakes. RSS offers shipping to APO/FPO.


Image Credit: Figi's
Image Credit: Figi’s

If you like fruitcakes, cheeses, sausages, cookies and more then check out the list of military friendly gifts here.



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  1. Just looked at wicked good cupcakes, and it says on that page that you link to that they don’t ship to APO addresses.

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