Let’s face it, there are some not so normal parts of military life that we have grown accustomed to. For the average Joe some of the things we deal with on a daily basis or in this lifestyle period would not be normal.

Let’s have a look …shall we?

This Military ID Thing

Have you ever really broken down in your head that in order to access your home you have to basically go through a checkpoint and show your ID to a US Soldier?  I mean if you want to go off base and get a big mac, there is a chance that you and your fries will be searched when you come back home. That’s some cool and scary shiz all at the same time. We’re accustomed to it though sooooo yeah!

Oh That’s Just Cannons 

I mean why shouldn’t we be used to our windows blowing inwards, the foundation of our house shaking, and what sounds like Transformers walking around town. When out of town company comes over and jumps out their skin from the booms we calmly reply “relax that’s the artillery peeps”. Then we watch their faces as if their supposed to react normally to that!

You Haven’t Had None Since When?!!!

Yeah let’s be honest military spouses and personnel get used to not getting “any” for extended periods of time. However, when they do you can expect your local PX to be out of pregnancy tests for weeks!

He Was Gone For How Long?

Say whatttttt!!!!????

The calm way you tell your civilian family member or friend “Yeah he was gone for 15 months…is that a long time?”.

Hawaii, Italy , Asia

Because for many military people living on the North Shore or near the “Leaning Tower of Piza” is the norm.

What’s With All The Extra Security At The Gates Of Your Neighborhood Today?

Oh nothing the president is just coming here today!


We’re used to to talking in acronyms. In fact acronyms are the new black in military life.

Damn, Are They Giving Away Something For Free?

Nah, it’s just the first of the month…commissary is always like this!!

Girl Calm Down It’s Just A C-17 Landing At The Airfield

Because most civilians can’t understand why it sounds like a jumbo jet is landing on top of our house or flying just above that tree in your back yard.



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