I was one of those people who at the very beginning of the military life didn’t take advantage of many cool programs and resources offered on post. Honestly I didn’t know about many of them. Later on as I begin to do this blog thing , I started researching and utilizing some of the recreational services that were available through the MWR and was amazed at some of the deals and freebies and access to entertainment that were at military families disposal.

In case you don’t know MWR stands for Morale Welfare and Recreation. In lam en’s terms it is up to them to keep up the morale of the soldiers and their families on base. They are our supposed key to happiness. While not all services are available at all military installations , there is a good mix of fun programs everywhere.

Here are 10 things you may not be aware you are missing out on .

1. Arts & Crafts Centers

Many installations offer pottery classes, jewelry making, painting and more. Sometimes classes are free and at times their may be a small fee, but it’s still a good deal if you want to try your creative thumb. You can find out what arts and crafts classes your base offers by clicking HERE.

2. Horse Riding Stables

While this activity isn’t available everywhere there are 12 riding stables Army wide. They offer trail rides and some even offer equestrian lessons. Learn where they are HERE.

3.  Community Centers

If you live on post chances are you have a community center assigned to your area. Many centers offer everything from dance lessons  to cook offs, game rooms for the kids, sports and so much more. You can also rent items like chairs and table for gatherings  or birthday parties and it’s really affordable. I rented chairs and tables for my son’s birthday party a few years back and paid less than $30. You can find you local community center by clicking HERE.

4. Outdoor Recreation Getaways

For the outdoors enthusiast some bases offer outdoor tours and getaways. Try your hand at mountain biking or scuba diving. Learn what your installation offers HERE.

5. Equipment Checkout

You don’t have to go on MWR getaway to get the equipment you need to be adventurous on your own. Many recreation centers will let you rent boating and camping equipment. Fort Bragg for instance lets you rent tents, canoes , bounce houses, aging equipment and a variety of other items that you may need for your next party or outdoor adventure. Visit HERE.

6. Travel Deals

It’s no secret that us military folks get some good deals and discounts on many attractions and hotels. ITT (Information, Tours & Travel) located on most bases allows you to pay for trip packages, attractions nearby and not so close as well as tickets to events at a lower price. Check out “How Your Your ITT & Recreational Activities Building Onpost Can be Beneficial This Summer“.

7. Armed Forces Resorts aka Recreation Centers

I am still shocked sometimes by the number of military folks who don’t know that special DOD resorts exists. Two of the most popular ones are Shades of Green which is located on the grounds of Disney World in Florida and Hale Koa Resort located in Waikiki , Hawaii. I have been both and they were amazing! What’s the benefit of going to one?  No tax , affordable and if you miss your fellow military folks you won’t miss them here because it’s for DOD card holders only. There are 4 in total which you can learn about HERE.



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