I always tell people if you want to be dumped into a melting pot of people don’t go to NYC, instead come to a military base. Military bases are filled with so many cultures, ethnic makeups and people from all over the world. I have always been so grateful that Uncle Sam (despite moving us around like nomads every three years) has given us the opportunity to live in wonderful places. From a dose of southern hospitality and great cuisine to the North Shores of Oahu, Hawaii my family has had the chance to experience this together.


Living in exotic and sometimes remote locations definitely comes with positives and some negatives. Hawaii isn’t so great when your spouse is sent away to a combat zone and most of your time is spent worrying about the unknown. You wonder how your kids will adjust and there are times you wonder “is this lifestyle what’s best for your family”? It’s not until I celebrated Christmas with another military family, prepped Thanksgiving dinner with a military spouse, watched my child welcome the new military kid to the neighborhood, or heard TAPS play at 10pm every night that I understood why this life has been a great one to raise my family.


Military life certainly isn’t for everybody but it’s #HowWeFamily and it has been for years. The military is part of the structure of our family and has made us recognize the importance of how we family and the things we do to make the most of our time no matter how long or short of it we have. “For the past 60 years, TYLENOL® has helped care for families of all shapes and sizes.” and its why they have launched the #HowWeFamily campaign and invited me to be part of it. The #HowWeFamily campaign will celebrate today’s modern families and all the different family makeups. It celebrates the importance of how to embrace every family and I am lucky to be a part of two families that do that…my family and my second family (the military). The military in my opinion represents so many different types of family dynamics but no matter what we have one thing in common. We understand the importance of this lifestyle and why it makes family so important.


It’s why I am so excited to share over the next few weeks how we do the family thing and hear how you family too.

For those of you who love social media and sharing your pictures, myself and @Tylenol invite you to share a picture on Instagram using the hashtag #HowWeFamily. Tell me what makes you proud of your family. What aspects of yours do you share that are different and unique?


Join in with others in the #HowWeFamily celebration and learn more here.


I received information and materials from McNeil Consumer Healthcare Division of McNEIL-PPC, Inc., the makers of TYLENOL®. The opinions stated are my own. This is a sponsored post.



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