I lay alone in my bed watching a rerun of Matlock (because I love my 80’s TV) on a dreary weekday morning. The family is gone for the day and besides the soft rumble of the dryer and ramblings of the TV on volume level 14, it is quiet.  I bask in the glory and comfort of my new arm pillow that I got from Ross for $8 that is keeping me propped up in the perfect position to do some work, and have a great view of the television. My laptop is propped on my lap haphhazardly and then BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In a matter of about three seconds my windows rattles in what looks to be almost inward, my laptop falls in a freak accident way to the floor and that comfortable arse position I was lounging in no longer exists. I am rattled! The booms continue in a set of three then they stop. They start again about 15 min later then stop again. This continues off and on though out the week.  Although I live off post I live very close to Fort Bragg and I am 98% sure that it’s just artillery being blown up. The other 2% of me wonders if BumbleBee and his homies from “Transformers” are walking through my neighborhood. It’s funny but it’s true the booms  sound like robots walking around town.

Despite wondering if this is what Armageddon sounds like , or thinking we’re being invaded ,and despite my endless Facebook complaints I wouldn’t trade the sounds of freedom for anything!






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