Some of you may not know, unless you follow me on Facebook that my husband came home from Iraq last week. I have meaning to edit the video and post it. Without further ado I present to you:

My Journey Through Deployment …From Start to Finish



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18 Comments on Army Wife 101’s Homecoming Video

  1. This is so sweet chickadee!! It had me in tears throughout the entire thing, especially when he scooped you up in his homecoming hug. SOOO happy for you!! Thanks for sharing this :)

  2. I love this video, you are so cute. Glad your husband came home from iraq there is no greater feeling!!!

  3. I’m glad he made it home safely, My husband just went back to Iraq from r&r we have another 6 months to go!! we have a 5 yr old with autism, and so far this deployment has been the hardest ever… shes finally talking and my husband has missed it, but because of woman like you, its what helps get my through!!!! so thanks!!!

  4. Wow. Your journey was really inspiring. As an adult daughter of a deployed soldier, it’s been hard for me to deal with so I can’t even imagine what it’s like for spouses. So happy your husband is back home.

    I grabbed your button by the way.

  5. This is truly beautiful…my husband deployed again last month, this gives me so much hope and reminds me that time will continue to pass and soon enough we will be back together. Thanks so much for sharing this video! You have a beautiful family!

  6. That was a great video! How did you get it edited to post together pictures and videos ? I take a ton during deployments and would love to be able to loop it all together like that with music and so on but frankly…I’m not so great at that….any tips?

  7. Thanks for sharing this video! I cried the entire time, i’m so happy that you have your husband back, I so cant wait for my husbands homecoming in a couple of months! congrats again and thanks for sharing this wonderful video!

  8. Wow, that was a beautiful video, so real it touched my heart, especially since my hubby is deployed. Thank you for sharing! Congrats!

  9. Amazing. I cried just like the rest of the girls. Truely we are all Army Strong! ( Just strong enough to cry )

  10. omg!! i know i left a comment on fb but I just had to watch and comment again tears all the way through i felt what you felt i love what your doing because you are in our shoes you know the emotions that we are feeling and thats what makes everything you do so special I hope you and mr army wife 101 are enjoying the time home and once again congrats cant wait for my time :)

  11. This is so amazing! It made me cry! The picture of him hugging the kids was so beautiful!! I can’t wait for this day to come for me and my husband :) Thanks for posting!

  12. I know I am extra late and that your man has been home for a while now, but I still want to say congrats to you. Watching your video made me tear up so bad…It could be the pregnancy hormones lol. However, most of all, your video gives me hope and reminds me that eventually my husband will be home too. Thanks for everything you post – I don’t think you realize how helpful you’ve been =]

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