I was to lazy and monster-ish looking to get on camera and I know I haven’t been that great about keeping up with recaps from “Army Wives” but I had to pretend I had a life for a second …hehee!

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So let’s get started:

The Hector Situation:

I just had to start with him because is he for real? You and your dingbat wife spent so much money that you didn’t even understand or know that lights had been cut off, yet you are mad because Roxy graciously hired her without any reservations and gave her a job. A few people said he was right for his feelings, frankly I understand being protective and not wanting your wife working there but making a scene and acting like an ass is not the way to go. I think Gloria handled it the best she could.

Roxy & Trevor:

Man oh man a few financial difficulties but hey that’s life. So I wasn’t shocked when Roxy found out she was pregnant last week,but hot damn the news of the twins were definitely shocker material. The look on Roxy and Trevor’s face was hilarious and priceless.

Jackie and General Clarke:

As I said I am starting to like Jackie alot more. I am glad to see her and her husband being affectionate as I really didn’t know what to expect from those idiots. Nice to see her acknowledging the support of her new friends including the enlist spouse Gloria.

Denise & Frank:

So nothing really happened with them other then Frank being romantic and making Denise some dinner and of course Denise having a successful surgery to remove the kidney she will be donating to CJ.

Joan & Roland:

So they are trying to let David’s dad be in his life which in this episode starts off with a supervised visit at the park where David’s bio dad begins to make a joke about robbing someone’s house which doesn’t go over so well with Joan. The last straw happens when the bio dad begins to talk about his own dad returning from Vietnam and starts making anti-military remarks which causes Joan to flip and Roland to tell bio dad to leave….This isn’t going to be good.

The Holdens & Audrey:

We knew Susan Lucci aka Audrey was going to bring the drama and boy did she. I have to admit she got me good I truly believed her lies (? I am still wondering if she really is lying) but as much as I hate to admit I am #TeamJackie all the way! Ick that makes me sick to admit that but what’s right is right. No wonder Audry and her husband were pushing so hard. That was such an Erika Kane move…I thoroughly enjoyed it! In any event General Holden has gained his 3rd star and General Clarke must come to terms with being passed over for the promotion. It wasn’t said he was being passed over for the whole Africa thing but we all know that’s why.  Of course towards the end while Denise’s surgery goes well CJ’s doesn’t and the episode ends with her flat lining on the table.

So Army Wives is on a close to month long hiatus and will return to your screens on June 24th.

Geeze how many times are they going to almost kill Claudia off? Will this be the final time? Let me know what you think!



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3 Comments on Army Wives: General Complications

  1. I LOVE roland! Because he is so level headed while his wife is sooo ready to kick the dad on the crub, roland gives them chance after chance! I Think they made it soap operaish because of Susan Lucci but Im glad that her character real motives were exposed! Overall I like the show and the twins situation differently surprise me and I am looking forward to more on Army Wives!

  2. Who cares about this Erika Kane person; Audrey is awesome. I hope they hire her full time. She is absolutely delicious; I totally want to know about her past and is she lying. She and CJ and Jackie are awesome together. But there’s something big Audrey is hiding; I just don’t know what?

  3. I am #TeamJackie all the way too! I loved this episode, sooo much going on.
    They’re really not going to do another episode until June 24th though?! Agh, what am I going to do with my Sunday nights?

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