If my Twitter feed ever blew up , it would have had to been last night. Last night’s episode of Army Wives really did a flip of the script for us …did it not?

Let me start by saying to the writers of Army Wives, job well done this episode really gave some of the juiciness I think many of us have been looking for.

Before I even get into the show I just wanted to share some of the fun tweets from last night’s show I exchanged with Gigi Rice who plays Roxy’s mom Marda and Hector played by Joseph Soria:

 So in no particular order here are my randomized thoughts about last night’s show!

Frank supports Denise’s decision to go back to get her Master’s to become a Nurse Practitioner with out any argument like he normally puts up.

Denise is motivated to make this decision after correctly diagnosing a patient that a doctor fails to diagnose properly. I do like that Frank is being super supportive which if you a fan of the show you should know that almost rarely happens and when it does it’s not without a fight. That aside did anyone catch what Frank said to Denise when she proceeded to tell her plans? He made a comment to the effect of that he is not going anywhere in his career and someone needs to go higher. He was referencing the little rift between him and General Clarke where Frank was passed over for some kind of task which I am not clear on. In any event it leads me to believe that their might be some underlying drama coming into play with General Clark and Major Sherwood. I wonder where this will leave Jackie and Denise’s friendship?

The Holden’s

Besides a brief encounter with Colonel Burton General Holden only played a small part in last night’s episode. Boy did he get a tad bit snippy with Joan when she discussed the Clarke/Sherwood issue with him. Claudia Joy was completely absent from last night’s show.

The Leblanc’s

Let me just say that I am two seconds from slapping the shiz out of Roxy! I mean it’s like six seasons later and this chick is still whining about Trevor being in the Army. Personally I think Pamela was out of line for even bringing up the job situation the way she did in an episode or two back. Had she just let the men be men and let Chase bring it up, then this Roxy foolishness would not be going on. So anyway Roxy is mad that Trevor does not want to take a private security job in California that Pamela’s husband Chase has managed to get him. Roxy keeps saying how great it will be for their family financially and so forth. Yet Roxy doesn’t seem to get that Trevor still has a a contract to complete and the guy actually likes serving his country.

Damn it Roxy it’s not all about you!  Thank god for Marda (Roxy’s mom) who makes an appearance in last night’s episode and after being treated like crap by her daughter proceeds to tell Roxy about her self. It is at that point Roxy realizes she’s being annoying and selfish and apologizes to Trevor. Way to go Marda!

Side note: Marda actually sent me a little tweet last night …eeek!

The Clarks

So Jackie’s daughter told her last week that she has done everything but be a mother to her which totally was a kick in the heart to Jackie. For obvious reasons the daughter resents her mother and Jackie wants to fix it but it but is not sure how. General Clarke comes home and their daughter seems to be clinging to her dad and playing both parents against each other. Although General Clarke tries to remain neutral I think this is going to lead to another downfall for Jackie or cause issues in their marriage. We shall see!

Charlie and Nicole

I posted this tweet last night

The lesbian couple Charlie and Nicole are seeking to get pregnant since they have decided to get married. I am really liking that the writers of AW are touching on homosexual couples and marriage in the military. Charlie has asked Roland for his sperm hence the reason I posted that tweet since Charlie is actually Roland’s wife in real life. I also believe she is pregnant which is why this storyline will fit in really well.

Hector and Gloria

We know Hector cheated and of course he wanted to be a prick at first and blame Gloria for his doggish ways. Last night they went to counseling and needed to come to a decision after the counselor told them that they should probably consider whether divorce was an option. Eventually both of them find themselves in a church at the same time and decide that in a nutshell they will work things out. Hector goes on to explain how his dad was controlling towards his mother and how that led him to act out the way he was towards Gloria. Gloria says she understands and all is honky dory from there until…

The Ending and The Jaw Dropper

The show was pretty mellow until the end when as I mentioned earlier the show did a time lapse and all of a sudden Roxy was like 9 months pregnant and her water broke just as she was heading to her baby shower. In addition the real jaw dropper came when the slore Hector slept with (Penny) shows up at he and Gloria’s motel room door with a huge pregnant belly…GASP!

Watch that scene here:

So now we as viewers must wait two more weeks before we can find out what is going to happen!

Do you think Hector and Gloria will last and what do you think of the quick time lapse in the show?





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8 Comments on Army Wives …What A Crazy Episode Last Night…My Thoughts!

  1. I personally think that they will not last if this is his child.With Gloria’s attitude about the whole situation when it first happened,this time he is fried.There is no forgiving him this time,because she already told him that this cannot happen again and things hav to change.I need to know how did the girl get the address to the motel room anyway.Did Hector or one of his friends gve it out to her?She could be trying to find the baby’s father and this may not be the first soldier that she slept with at the bar.All that we know she may really think that he wants to be with her.We do not know what Hector told that girl that night that slept together and aferwards.She did have his email and motel address right?Hector most likely was still talking to this girl or just saw her around as she harassed him while he was out and about outside of post,if I had to guess.I am itching until 2 weeks from now,I hate to wait that long!ERRR!!

  2. Motel? I thought that is where Hector and Gloria live. My husband was really shocked last night too and he thinks all hell is going to break loose. I think (hope) the slore has just slept with too many soldiers and that baby isn’t Hectors. I feel bad for Roxy’s twin being in distress but I think it’ll be okay. I think they’ll have a boy and a girl. I’m glad Roxy realized she was being an ass and I’m hoping this is the last time she tries to bug Trevor about leaving the army. The Clark’s daughter has every right to feel the way she does. I think Jackie really needs to open her eyes and keep her daughter home and show her she loves her and does need her. Something didn’t feel right about that family. I have a feeling something bad will happen to one of those three. I didn’t know Charlie and Roland were married in real life, how sweet! I’m going to be so upset when I go to watch the show next week and realize it’s not on for another week. The suspense is going to kill me!

    • I agree, that girl slept with too many people and do not know who the father is.She is just trying to round em up.Maybe Hector is one of the only ones that she can get a hold of.In real life for real, there are women that hang around military installations to go after soldiers just to get pregnant and/or married for money/benefits.I know some soldiers that this happened to personally,which is sad that they could not see through them. I do not know where these nasty girls think this is the way out of the trailer park/hood/poverty/the good life.I cannot wait until 2 weeks from now,I want to cry that it is making me wait.LOL

  3. I hope Gloria kicks Hector to the curb and they bring back the scarred soldier whose wife left him. He and Gloria had a real connection, and if those two get together he’d be a great character to add to the show.

  4. Correction: Gloria and Hector’s apartment*

    Honestly, I think that Roxy’s selfishness can be blamed on the hormones. They do tend to make us women crazy sometimes. And as for Hector and Gloria, I think that this will definitely put a strain on things for sure. Whether or not they split up for good is a whole ‘nother story.

  5. Wait this show still comes on? I swear no one told me but then again I don’t have cable. What season are we in so I can get the previous one from the Public library and play catch up. I’m a huge fan of this show! Welcome to BLMGirls!

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