While I’ve never served I can say I have watched from the sidelines how deployments affect people in various ways. I’ve watched my husband deal with the effects of his tour and friends of those who spouses served at the same time as mine’s.

Depending on what circumstances occurred during one’s tour will be the fact in how redeployment life is when it is all over. For many one of the long lasting effects is PTSD. I’ve discussed before in previous posts my husband’s experience in dealing with PTSD and how his experience has been made better by many of the various resources , programs and organizations that are available to assist Wounded Warriors including those who suffer from invisible wounds.

One of those organizations “The Wounded Warrior Project” is exactly who Brawny has partnered up with to help those warriors in need. The Wounded Warrior Project helps military personnel who have been injured while serving in OIF to adjust to their new normal and recognize their strengths. They are helping them to overcome the challenges with a variety of programs and resources that will greatly maximize their strengths over their weaknesses. They offer everything from a crisis hotline to programs that engage the mind , body, as well as areas that will help grow engagement so that Vets can pursue other opportunities.

Watch one vet share his experience:

Their mission is simple: “To honor and empower Wounded Warriors”.


Last year while happily sharing about Brawny and The Wounded Warrior Project I interviewed a military spouse who shared her family’s experience with the Wounded Warrior Project. One of the most important end takes from her piece was not only how much better her husband overall being was but the fact that even afterwards The WWP is still involved in their lives. They don’t just leave you after they help you. They are just like a brother in arms.

As military spouses this could easily be any one of our family members. Combat definitely has after effects and I know how important it is to have a resource there to help when you really need it. We can so easily help wounded warriors by participating in the Brawny #ToughIs campaign.

Help Wounded Warriors

Simply tell Brawny what “tough” means to you and the Brawny® brand will donate $1 to WWP for every text or photo submission, and for $5 for every video (up to $350,000). You can share your definition and donate using #ToughIs on Facebook, Instagram or visit” .

Connect With Brawny

“Stay connected with Brawny® on Twitter: @Brawny, and Facebook: “To learn more on the partnership, go to and for more information on Wounded Warrior Project®, visit

Disclosure: This is a compensated campaign that I am participating in with Brawny. All opinions are my own and do not reflect those of the brand.




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