As the spouse of a service member who suffers from the effects of being a combat zone I am honored to partner again with Brawny and their partnership with the Wounded Warrior Project in the #ToughIs (Tough To The Core) campaign. Brawny is in it’s third year of donating over $1.4 million dollars to America’s wounded heroes through the WWP. Brawny and The Wounded Warrior Project share the same brand spirit and values: an inner strength that emboldens and inspires people to be “Tough to the Core.”

As a military spouse I could never take away the hardships and challenges that our service members face daily , especially while serving in combat zones. The one thing I can say I have taken away with me forever from the military lifestyle is learning to be tough. I have learned how to become independent and resilient to challenges that the military lifestyle presents to me.


One of the biggest challenges that I think most military spouse and even personnel will say is the separation that occurs from deployments. The trial of prepping yourself mentally leading up to a deployment is a tough one. There are so many aspects of these long separations apart that you need to be tough for. The constant wondering when phone calls will come or if they will come, worrying about your loved one’s safety , and on top of all of this being tough enough to stay strong for the sake of your children and last but not least yourself. I always tell my readers that it’s certainly okay to break down a bit during deployments as long as you stay brawny enough to bounce back.

Having a spouse who can be a role model of sorts has been extremely helpful to be . He has taught me the mental outline of what being resilient truly means. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you are unbreakable but it means that you can put yourself back together even after having a down moment. There are so many times I have been in a situation that I was uncomfortable or nervous in and just by watching my husband display his humble toughness, I too was able to display the same thing. In turn we have created an amazing deployment team here at this household in which we equally can be stout enough to show the necessary strength and emotion to make any situation the military presents easier for our family. We have created a tough exterior that cannot be broken!

My husband walking my son to school the day before he deployed.
My husband walking my son to school the day before he deployed.

This is why I am excited to let you know that just by telling Brawny what “tough” means to you the :” Brawny® brand will donate $1 to WWP for every text or photo submission, and for $5 for every video (up to $350,000). You can share your definition and donate using #ToughIs on Facebook, Instagram or visit” .

I’d really love for all of us Military Spouse to show our strength and resilience and post what tough is to you. It could be a picture of you, a family member , your pet or hero. Tough in this lifestyle has so many meanings and I think it would help our community and each other to see and hear them. Make sure to hashtag them #ToughIs.

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To learn more on the partnership, go to and for more information on Wounded Warrior Project®, visit

Disclosure: This is a compensated post however all opinions are mine and do not represent those of the Brawny brand or the WWP.




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Krystel is the mom of two and an Army Wife. In addition to Army Wife 101 she is the Co-Founder of a digital media agency that connects brands with the military market. She has appeared on MSNBC ,FOX LA and formerly was a weekly contributor to HLN's "Raising America". She has written for various outlets including Sheknows and Lifetime and is a big fan of cupcakes and french fries.

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