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As a military spouse there are so many challenges in this lifestyle. We move a lot, constantly have to try to make friends, and in most cases are far away from our family. Many would say that we are pretty strong people. However, while we military spouses keep it together on the home front no one is stronger then our service members. The strength they display physically and mentally on a daily basis is one to be applauded.

I’ve always admired the soldiers on “Deployment Day” and the incredible composure they showed. I always thought to myself could I be that strong if I had to leave my family for months on end? Could I deal with the daily thought of knowing that I could possibly be injured or not come home at all?

Strength is a keyword in the military lifestyle. Inner strength is even more important to cope with the tasks that lie ahead daily, but especially when serving in a combat zone. Wounded Warriors are one segment of the military community who do this daily. These service members have in some cases given limbs or piece of mind to protect our nation. I know quite a few spouses and their husbands who are Wounded Warriors and they are some of the strongest people I know. They know they are enduring hardships but their inner “I can this” allows them to keep persevering. Talk about inner strength!

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Speaking of inner strength you may have noticed on occasion that I’ve talked about a little about the “Brawny Inner Strength Initiative” . This is a national donation campaign not only supports the Wounded Warrior Project but honors the strength of these brave men and women. Brawny will donate $250,000 again this year to the Wounded Warrior Project.

In addition Brawny will donate an extra $1 (up to $350K) for each person who does one of the below:

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This amazing initiative will last until December 31,2013 and the money donated will be used to fund a variety of programs for the Wounded Warrior Project. These programs helped wounded service members make an easier transition back into civilian life.

Let’s say Thank You!



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