There is always alot of chatter about ACU’s amongst wives in the Army. Cheer was wonderful enough to give me a chance  to use one of the approved ACU maintenance detergents known as  Cheer Powder Detergent . Watch the video below for my experience with using Cheer on my husband’s ACU’s , a few simple ACU maintenance tips, as well as a chance to win a year’s supply of Cheer to keep your soldier’s ACU’s in check.

To Enter the Cheer Year Supply Giveaway Read Below:

A portion of a year's supply

Mandatory Entry: Visit the CHEER site and leave a short comment below telling me a product you would consider using off their site.

Optional Entries: *Note* You must complete the mandatory entry in order  to use optional entries*

You can submit as many optional entries as you would like.

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Contest ends Saturday May 1, 2010 at 11:59PM EST.

Winner will be picked via

After winner is contacted, they will have 48 hrs to send me their information or else another winner will be picked.

Please leave a valid email is your comments so that I may contact you should you be the winner.

Best of Luck!

Army Wife 101

Disclaimer* I was given a household supply of Cheer to try out and give my honest opinion and review. Receiving this product does not affect my opinion or bluntness of my opinion. I received no monetary compensation or any others forms of compensation.



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Krystel is the mom of two and an Army Wife. In addition to Army Wife 101 she is the Co-Founder of a digital media agency that connects brands with the military market. She has appeared on MSNBC ,FOX LA and formerly was a weekly contributor to HLN's "Raising America". She has written for various outlets including Sheknows and Lifetime and is a big fan of cupcakes and french fries.

87 Comments on Cheer ACU Review and Detergent Giveaway!!!! *CLOSED*

  1. I would love to try the fresh clean scent powder. I completed e-mail subscription as directed. I don’t do twitter, have no idea how. Would really love to win this contest….really need it. Thanks for the opportunity!

  2. I think this is a great promotion! And after all my boyfriends ACUs reflecting purple in the sun, a needed video! Thank you!

  3. I signed up for email alerts!!! Thank you for that research.
    I appreciate the info you supply to us military wives.
    Thank You!

  4. Would love to win the “Fresh Clean Scent” just tweeted on Twitter and will post on facebook as well :)


  5. I never really looked or tried Cheers Detergent before,I always used GAIN Detergent. But i’m up to trying something new.

  6. I already use Cheer Fresh Clean Scent HE…… is awesome, and the clothes smell great afterwards! I will continue to use it. :)

  7. I would try the Free and Gentle series on my husband’s ACUs. I like the fact that it can still get the job done without all the added scents and dyes! Thanks!

  8. Looked at the website, and would definitely consider using the Cheer powder detergent. Hubby hasn’t complained about his ACU’s and I’ve been washing the same pair for about 7 months, but if it’s cheap and could add that little bit of protection, might as well!

  9. I would like to try the Clean Scent powder. I added you on Twitter and completed the e-mail subscription.

  10. I would love to try the Cheer, Free and Gentle. My family seems to break out in a rash if we use detergents with perfume and additives. Thanks for offering this! :)

  11. I would love to try cheer, I am all new to washing ACU and other clothing my husband wears in the army, In fact hum… I never know i had to turn them inside out. MY husband was saying that they were looking a little faded but now I know why. So a little more money to keep them better will save big in the love run…

  12. I wash my hubby’s ACU’s without my clothes I hate that velrco when it sticks to my cloths. Anyway we wash his ACU’s in the washer can’t afford to have them dry cleaned.
    I love Cheer that’s whats washing my clothes now :)

  13. I would like to try the Cheer, Free and Gentle. My baby seems to have sensitive skin. I normally wash his clothes seperately so the regular detergent doesn’t bother him. If it works this would be the only detergent we would need! Thanks so much for offering this contest!

  14. Clean Scent sounds good to me. I have been using Tide forever an would love a reason to switch it up some!

  15. I would like to try the cheer, free and gentle or the fresh clean scent. My hubby just had to buy new uniform so im glad you are offering this to us thank you

  16. Oh my goodness, as a new Army Wife – I needed to see this!! Even though the hubby is deployed right now, I still want to check out their Fresh Clean Scent powder detergent for my clothes! I’m like you when it comes to being frugal in the detergent department but I had no idea there was an “approved” list for the ACU’s! Thanks so much for the review and advice – you’re the best! HOOAH!

  17. My husand and I are PCS-ing for the first time in about a week and because of where we are now I can only use liquid detergent. If you use powder detergent it can clog the septic tank, so now Im really excited about going back to powder. The first thing I’m going to do once we move is buy the Cheer Clean Sent if I dont win! Lol I’m so excited! :) Now on to tweet on Twitter…. P.S. Thank you for taking time out of you busy schedule to do all the vblogs, reseaching, and posting. I know it has helped me and so many others out so much!

  18. Wow! I’ll take anything free and that will help me save money in the long run. I also hate spending money on uniforms but i know he needs them. My little boy can’t use sented detergents so i would love to find a detergent i can just wash all of our laundry togeher. This might just be the on e i’ve been looking for. Fingers crossed.

  19. I would love to try the Fresh Clean Scent powder, it sounds great, specially because it helps protect my hubby’s ACU! Thank you for letting us know! I had no idea we had to clean the ACU’s with approved detergents!! Thank you so much!! =)
    I tweeted and am a subscriber already!

  20. Would love to win the “Fresh Clean Scent” just tweeted on Twitter and will post on facebook as well

  21. I would definitely like to try the Free and Gentle Powder Cheer. Thank you so much for thIS opportunity Krystel and the CHEER TEAM!!!

  22. I would love the Fresh Clean Scent.

    I follow you on Twitter already and subscribe to your RSS feed. I tweeted @dimpleshudson

  23. I just completed the email subscription! I would love to win the free and gentle…the husband may be a grunt but he has sensitive skin :0)
    I’ll keep my fingers crosses!

  24. I like the fresh clean scent.
    I tweeted you from @JuanitaEvans on Twitter.
    I was already subscriber to Army Wife 101.
    Thanks for doing that Youtube video, I never knew that!

  25. Our family has only used Tide, I have noticed his ACU’s over time become faded. I purchased Cheer Fresh Clean Scent HE compatible with my washing machine today and will let you know how it works out. I am also hoping this helps with getting out the smell in my sons sports clothes. Wish me Luck…. Stay Tuned

  26. HI!! Thanks for this awesome giveaway!! I would like to try Cheer Free & Gentle. Seems like the right product for the ACUs and my daughter’s sensitive skin….. Thanks for working so hard and sharing your info with!!!

  27. Hello,between ACUs,sports uniforms and sensitive skin I would love to try Cheer Free&Gentle formula…I also registered for email alerts..Thanks for all the Great advice!

  28. Would love to win the “Fresh Clean Scent” just tweeted on Twitter and will post on facebook as well
    thank you

  29. I subscribed! Thanks so much for all the wonderful information that you pass along to us. I’m really interested now in trying the Cheer Fresh Clean Scent Powder.

  30. I would use the Fresh Clean Scent powder for my husband’s ACU’s. Thank for everything you do. I subscribed!!!! Thanks.

  31. I never knew that if you wash ACU’s incorrectly it could make them visible to night vision. Wow…you learn something knew everyday. Wish I had this information earlier. I’ve always used Tide and love the results, but I didn’t know it wasn’t optical brightener free and unsafe for hubby’s ACU’s. I am very interested in switching to the Cheer Fresh Clean Scent Powder or at this point any Cheer detergent product especially for an entire year.

    Thanks a million Krystal for sharing this valuable piece of information.

  32. I would use the fresh clean scent for the ACU’s and then the Free and Gentle for the rest of our clothes. I subscribed to the email.

  33. I am already a stalker lol and with 7 daughters and a ACU wearing husband I would love to win..I love Cheer fresh linen scent reminds me of clean laundry hanging out to dry..

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