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I received a question from a spouse today who was curious to know how to attend those “Marriage Retreats” that many units within the Army sponsor.

Many times the retreats are held at beautiful hotels and are not at the expense of the soldier and his family,and most times onsite child care is provided. While their are several different retreats their is one specific one held by Army units all over known as “The Strong Bonds retreat. I personally have been wanting to attend one but the hubby always seems to be deployed when they are held. Wives are free to go alone as their are usually many other spouses there without their soldier. It is a great way to meet friends.

For couples it is a wonderful way to add some extra reinforcement in your marriage especially after lengthy separations.

If you are interested in attending a Strong Bonds Retreat you can visit



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12 Comments on How To Find Out About Army Marriage Retreats

  1. I’m not finding DB’s unit in the list of events. Is the list continually updated or is what’s on there it?

    • Hi Ann!
      I believe the list is updated as the Units plan the event. A unit has to go through here to organize one, but at least you will have the upper hand at knowing when by checking at the Strong Bonds site first :)

  2. Hi! I just wanted to add that if your unit is not listed on, talk to your unit chaplain or chaplain assistant. They could be planning events that are not listed online and … if they’re not, you can ask them to! All Strong Bonds events are planned and hosted by unit chaplains so they’re your best resource. Hope you enjoy your retreat! =) Traci

  3. I am going to the one in SC this weekend…I have never been so I hope to enjoy it…

  4. My family is stationed in Fresno, CA. We are not close to an army base cause my husband is an army recruiter. We were hoping to find some kind of marriage retreat close by or even a famly retreat cause he have 4 children at home. If someone could pass my on some information about one that would be great!

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