A soon to be soldier contacted me to find out should he get married before Bootcamp or AIT. I shared my opinion with him:



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2 Comments on CinchCast #2: Should This Soldier Get Married Before BCT or After?

  1. I think he should do it before. Its alot easier on paperwork. And there is alot of paperwork. Also when he gets his orders, if he is not married yet then his soon to be wife will not be able to travel with him to his new duty station. She will not be on his orders. Its alot of hurry up and wait. We were married for over a year before he went in and it was way easier for us. But we have had friends who werent and waited till after AIT or they got to the new duty station and it was a alot of work and headache for them. Hope this helps.

  2. thanks so much armwife101.. I feel so special, you did a voice recording for me in and everything lol.. .. my girlfriend is so eager to msg you, to talk about some more military wife thingys also..

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