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As a wife who has endured several deployments and separations from my husband, I know the importance of a computer while apart from each other.

During our past deployments my husband has been able to watch the kids open their presents on Christmas morning , watch them blow out the candles on the cake during their birthdays and we have even had date nights on Skype all via our computers. Staying connected is one of the keys to a successful deployment.

Dell is making it possible for you to stay connected by nominating your hero for a PC .

(Thanks to Marianda for sharing this)

From now until Veteran’s Day you can nominate a deserving member of the military or they can even nominate themselves.

Dell wants to help members of the Armed Forces and their families stay connected and what a perfect way to do just that.

In addition to giving out computers Dell is also making a charitable donation to “The USO” and “Mission To Serve” of over $50,000 each.

To nominate a hero simply visit: and fill out the short easy application.

(You will need the nominee’s .MIL email address)

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2 Comments on Dell Giving Away 250 Computers to Servicemen and Women from Now Until Veterans Day!

  1. My husband i a fulltime student at pierce county college, 2 months ago his pc crased an it ws going to cost too too much to get it fixed. We could really really really use the pc for him to do his school work!

    Thank you for all your giveaways :) And tips!!

  2. Ladies or Gentlemen, I was attending my first OEF/OIF at Oklahoma VA Oklahoma City, We were told that you provided Laptops to Qualified Veterans. I am 100% Disabled USAF Vet (Ret)
    after 23.5 years of Service. I was forced to retire other wise I would still be in today but I have been MEBed with Severe Case of PTSD I have being suffering from chronic pain and TBI along with true paplademia just to make things worse-the nasty pills I have to take. Pill or go blind.
    If your not the correct individuals to send this message to. Could you please Fwd it to the proper
    agency.Thank you.
    Respectfully, Mark

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